Thursday, September 9, 2010

Widget (1992)

Well a few days ago I revisited Mickey Mousecapade (still think it should be Mousecapades but whatever) and found out that I didn't hate it quite as much as I remember. So I figured why not revisit the other game I reviewed on my short stay as a member of NES Zone, Widget, and I found that yet again I over reacted and this games not too bad either.


Widget, for the thousands of people who do not know what it is, was some cartoon from the early 90s, which I've never seen, supposedly it was like Captain Planet & the Planeteers in that it was a preachy show about saving the earth and shit. (however Captain Planet is so lame its totally awesome) and they made a game based offa it, which made his six fans (including Groxx of NESPlayer) very happy....when they finally played it.... 10 years after it was released.... because really who was playing NES in 1992??


Let's start off with the positives, the graphics are pretty nice. The sound & music are well, agreeable. You probably wont remember these tunes after you turn the game off, but while it's on, they wont really bother you. Now for the negatives, the transformation thing is actually pretty neat (you get to transform into a bird, mouse, and some other shit) but it isn't perfect, one of the biggest flaws this game has is that you have to beat a level to get the power, and you have to beat the levels in a certain order, because there are parts of the game that cant be passed until you get the powerup, which frankly makes giving the player a choice between levels kinda silly. I would have made it so that you could pick from any of the characters starting at the beginning of the game. Another thing is that I feel Widget could have easily been made to go a bit faster.

Widget is actually a pretty decent little sidescroller, and I'm surprised I was so angry with it before. I guess I didnt realize those guns all over the levels would upgrade your gun. (yes, i'm a moron). I feel Widget is a pretty good post-1991 game and is worth picking up. I don't think this game will cost you more than $10 even though it is pretty obscure. Atlus (who according to the internet did program this game, must have just used  the alias Zodiac Entertainment for some reason, who cares in the end really?) made some pretty good NES games... and some shitty Golf game (I haven't played it actually but it's fucking Golf, the only good thing related to that terrible sport is the fine motion picture Caddyshack), so to end this rambling ending, pick up the damn game and give it a try even if you don't like it the damn thing won't kill ya.

Buy it or Skip it:  Buy it

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