Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy (1991)

I've got to be completely honest. I did not know today was the 50th Anniversary of the Flintstones because to be honest I never really liked the Flintstones. I don't really care for rock based puns and seeing as that was pretty much 98% of the comedy on the show, it was pretty painful. Anyway, thanks to Google I found out that today is the 50th Anniversary so I decided to talk about the NES game because really I have nothing else better to do.

The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy is actually a pretty good game based off such an awful franchise. The game has a decent plot (although you know how I feel about plots) involving time travel from the 30th Century, where some ugly bastard kidnaps Dino and Hoppy (the latter I do not remember at all, but he was the Rubble's pet kangaroo.... yes a prehistoric kangaroo..) and you have to get the Great Gazoo's help using his time machine, which kinda makes no sense if you were a fan of the show as Fred could only see the Gazoo, but in the game everyone talks about him, but to be fair I don't really give a shit if this game has any inconsistencies from the stupid ass show.

The Flintstones is a platformer what a shocker eh?, BUT to be fair. It's a pretty good platformer. It controls well. The graphics are good, the backgrounds are nice. The sprites look like the characters they are supposed too (except that Barney has brown hair in the game...) The music is pretty good. It's pretty fun and a decent challenge to boot. (I remember having a lot of trouble near the end of the game, but it's still beatable) The Flintstones is just a simple, fun game.

Oddly enough the sequel on the NES and the other SNES game made by Taito are also pretty good and worth owning. Somehow the Flintstones made the jump to video games pretty well. Even if you think the Flintstones is awful, this game (and the two sequels) are worth checking out. Nothing that will make you shit yourself but still some pretty solid games.

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