Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mickey Mousecapade


Today I've decided to take another look at Mickey Mousecapade, A NES game based off the characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse (and I'm not going to fucking tell you who they are. I'm pretty god damn sure I don't need to explain to anyone who the fuck Mickey Mouse is, If theres someone out there who doesnt know well they can just FUCK OFF). So if you remember back a while when I worked on NES Zone. Yeah, I'm pretty sure you'd have to be the jerk who got me kicked off the site to remember that I worked on the site, but I reviewed Mickey Mousecapade and some jerk who liked it got mad and got me kicked off the site. That bum. (also my grammar had to be fixed because strx is a bum who needs every word to be correct!)


 So I decided, why not, let's re-review Mickey Mousecapade and let's try to do a better job. Mickey Mousecapade was a game published by Capcom, BUT  It's not the first of the Capcom/Disney masterpieces, however a very good company, Hudson Soft, made this game which is a shame because the game honestly isn't very good, not even for its time. I mean this came out two years after SMB and a year after Adventure Island (which came out in Japan in 1986) two way better platformers.


So the plot to Mickey Mousecapade, is Mickey and Minnie have to save Alice from Alice in Wonderland.... I don't remember Mickey or Minnie ever doing anything with Alice... or even knowing of each others existance, but since Mickey is such a nice fellow he goes off to find her anyway. It's a simple plot which is only explained in the manual, which is pretty dumb but none of us ever played this shit for the plots and anyone who says otherwise is a god damn lying son of a bitch.

The graphics & music are pretty good for there time, I also really like the inclusion of other Disney characters, like the Crocodile from Peter Pan and the walking Brooms from Fantasia, of course I hope Minnie Mouse wasn't your favorite cartoon character because this game will make you HATE Minnie Mouse, who always follows you around, (but to be fair Minnie and Mickey were far from my favorite Disney characters anyway.) If Minnie falls into a hole, you will end up dying. which will probably cause you to get mad and shit, which is an annoying way to up the challenge of this game, which really wouldnt be too hard if it werent for it anyway.

Another problem this game has is length. I know none of the Disney games were very long and could be beaten quickly. Hell, I can beat Duck Tales in under 10 minutes, but at least all the levels of that game were of a certain lenght. Levels 2 and 4 of Mickey Mousecapade are two of the shortest levels in any NES game I have ever played, 4 IS just 5 screens. The last screen being the boss, and the other screens having just one or two enemies. Oddly enough the boss of this level is fucking hard as hell, hardest part of the game period, unless you find Minnie's star power and put her up there which makes him incredibly easy because Minnie is invincible, unless she falls into a fucking pit or some shit.

To be fair in the end, Mickey Mousecapade isn't THAT bad of a game, if you look past all the flaws it can be a small amount of fun, but really it totally is the weakest of all the Disney games on the NES. even those Educational titles starring Mickey were a bit more fun than this..

Buy it or Skip it: If you've played the hell out of the other Disney games (and if you haven't get on it) I guess this could be a worthy purchase at $2. I guess I did over-react for sake of comedy (which didnt really work) when I talked about this game on NES Zone. It's not terrible, but it's not exactly a great game, espcially when you compare this to the other Disney games or hell pretty much any other game Capcom or Hudson Soft made. so in other words, Buy it but don't expect much.

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