Friday, September 10, 2010

Color A Dinosaur (1993)

Color A Dinosaur. Yes, Color a goddamn Dinosaur. That's what I'm forcing myself to review today. A game made for kids. Kids under 7. I haven't been 6 in 19 years, so I'm that late on the party for this game here, but is it really that terrible??? Let's find out!

Personally, I think the graphics aren't too bad. I think the Dinosaurs look very nice and cartoony and would be e ntertaining for a kid. The music isn't too bad either. Where the game fails is that you are not having much fucking fun with it. I mean this game was probably at least 40 bucks when it came out, and you can easily get a coloring book for like $5 and probably have more fun coloring there.

Yeah, I know. This is probably my shortest review ever, but to be fair the game isn't the worst out there. It does what it was set out to do, which was let you color dinosaurs. It's just not very fun is all.

Buy it or Skip It: Skip it... It's really meant for people half your age (I'm assuming there are no 6 year old NES collectors) and it's not even that fun to begin with. If you really want to color something, just buy a damn coloring book.                                                                          

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