Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Total Recall (1990)

According to the Internet, you have to be the biggest, ugliest, dumbest, retard ever born to be able to enjoy this game. I guess I must be the biggest, ugliest, dumbest retard ever born because guess what I like Total Recall for the NES. And not because its hilariously bad like X-Men. I honestly think this is a good game that gets a bad rap. OH NO ITS BASED OF A MOVIE AND MADE BY ACCLAIM I CANT LIKE IT AHHH is what everyone else has said,  me I decided to give the damn game a shot.

I honestly do not see what is so god damn bad about this game. The way everyone trashes it you'd think the game came to life and killed their dog or something. Jesus, the game is fine. The graphics while not the best are fine. The music is decent enough. The gameplay is your usual sidescroller stuff, nothing too hard to figure out. The game has a decent challenge and honestly isn't too hard if you put enough effort into it (also the last boss is so patheticly easy). It sort of follows the movie it is based on (which was based on a story. a game based on a movie based on a story. HOW WILD IS THAT)

I just don't understand it. I remember getting this game for cheap and honestly having a good time with it, I only got to the racing stage (which is admittly the worst and hardest level in the game) and gave up because it fustrated me so much. Years later, I came back to it and beat it, having fun. I know I probably made some people out there mad because I dissed Dragon Warrior and praised Total Recall, but really I don't give a flying fuck.

Buy it or Skip it: I'd honestly give this game a shot. I seriously feel that most people are hard on this game because it was published by acclaim (it was actually made by Interplay, another reason you shouldnt let the fact a game is made by LJN or Acclaim or whatever company we NES fans are supposed to hate let you be the judge of game. Honestly play the damn things for more than 5 minutes before going LOL, ANOTHER SHITTY GAME MADE BY LJN.. ) Total Recall is no masterpiece, but by god it's worth the 3 bucks you'll pay for a copy of it.

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