Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shatterhand (1991)

The games Natsume made for the NES were fucking awesome. Shadow of the Ninja was fucking awesome. The Jetsons: Cogswells Caper (published by Taito) was pretty damn good for being based around the goddamn Jetsons. Dragon Fighter was pretty good although had some flaws (Which I'll get into whenever the hell I decide to review that game). S.C.A.T. was a pretty good shooter with an unfortunate name. Very unfortunate. Abadox is probably on my top 25 NES games.  Mitsume ga Tooru was a very good but a very strange Famicom game. And last but not least, the game we are going to be talking about today, Shatterhand. (which was based off some Japanese TV show. Yes, there was a Shatterhand TV show. In Japan. I want to be Japanese now.)


Shatterhand is pretty damn awesome, which just goes to show you that Natsume is a damn good company. The game has great graphics. FANTASTIC music. some of the greatest music on the system. Great controls. And A unique gameplay mechanic. The gameplay mechanic was that if you break open these boxes, a robotic part with the Greek letters a or B on them. I don't know why they choose Greek of all the languages but in the end I don't really care either. Collect three of these robotic parts and you get a robotic pal to help you beat the shit out of everyone. That's right, you get a goddamn robot in this game. Some of the robots sadly suck ass and aren't worth getting, but the ones that are worth getting are goddamn awesome. Still they could have made it so that all the robots were worth getting, but thats just a minor complaint.

The game is pretty damn challenging. I've had it for a few years now and I still haven't beaten it. And I beat The Adventures of Bayou Billy, but don't let the incredible challenge keep you from this game. The game only gets balls bustingly hard in the final stage, where you have to beat old bosses again. Final stages are supposed to be balls bustingly hard. Damnit.

I think in the end you should seriously pick up a copy of this game. It's a very unique platformer and everything about it is very well polished and goddamnit stop listening to me ramble on about this shit and go buy a goddamn copy.

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