Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sesame Street 123/ABC (1990?)

I don't really know why I'm bothering to review a fucking Sesame Street game, but life takes you strange places sometimes and well here I am reviewing a goddamn Sesame Street game. I'll assume you know who Jim Henson is and what Sesame Street is (if you don't, then get the fuck off my blog you piece of shit), As you can tell this is an educational game for four year olds. I doubt it's going to be any fun for me seeing as I haven't been four in  twenty-one years.

In this pile of shit you get to play FOUR games because this is just a lazy compilation cart of two previous Sesame Street games, I own not only Sesame Street 123 and Sesame Street ABC, BUT also Sesame Street 123/ABC, As you can see I have serious mental issues. But enough about me, the four games you get aren't the worst. The music and graphics are all pretty good you can tell they put effort into them. The problem is... I already know goddamn basic math. And I know the entire goddamn alphabet. AND SHAPES AND ALL THAT GODDAMN SHIT. I LEARNED THAT SHIT MORE THAN TWO GOD DAMN DECADES AGO. I DON'T NEED THIS GAME. IT'S NOT FUN.

Seriously though. I don't know how I actually played these games to completion because they are so fucking boring. Unless you have a four year old or you have problems like me and need to own every single stupid NES game, my advice would be to Skip it

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  1. Ha! Love the coarse review of a children's game. Well-done.