Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Of the two Home Alone movies (shut up, Home Alone 3 and 4 do not exist and never will exist and if you talk about them I will beat you with a shoe) I think my favorite was the second one. I know most people didn't like it at all, and most people like the original more, but I dunno there's just something charming and enjoyable about the sequel to Home Alone.. which is sad because the game based off it is much, much worse than the original game.

The game is just your regular platformer, where you play stages based off scenes from the movie. It's just really poorly made. The graphics are pretty ugly and drab, I mean by 1992, most NES game developers had the knoweldge and knew how to make the most of the 8 bit console. I don't think T*HQ really tried. The music isn't too terrible (even though they stole some sounds from Bart Vs the Space Mutants, I mean really wouldn't you rather steal from a better game?), but neither of those things really make or break the game for me. I mean the graphics in the first game were terrible, but I still enjoyed it. What ruins Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is the controls are really really terrible. There's also the fact that some enemies cannot be killed, not by your sliding move, or the guns you collect, which is a real god damn pain in the ass. Despite all that the game isn't too challenging and it only took a few days of playing it a little bit (because I couldn't stand the game) I think you could easily beat the game in an hour or two if you somehow like it.

This game despite my bitching really isn't the worst of the games made by T*HQ, it's actually in the upper tier of games from the company. It's playable which is something you can't say about The Adventures of Rocky and Bulwinkle and Friends. I don't think anyone could say anything positive about that.

Buy it or Skip it: Skip it. While admittly it's playable, it's not exactly fun.

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