Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Alone (1991)

When I was a youngster, the two Home Alone movies were some of my favorite movies (and I'm not going to lie, I still enjoy them nowadays), I had no idea they did make a game based off of Home Alone until years later when I found emulation and started downloading pretty much every non-sports title for the NES. I remember playing this game with my sister and honestly having a good time. That's right, I had a good time playing this game. Even though I later found out it seems every single person out there hates this game with a  passion of a thousand suns. Oh well, I still like this dumb game.

I think I like this game mostly because it tried to do something a bit different then you expect. When you start up this game you expect a platformer don't you, not what you get is more strategy based. Yes, strategy based. In this game you have to avoid the two criminals (Harry and Marv) for 20 minutes by hiding behind things (you can't hide behind everything) or by planting traps (like in the movie). It can get pretty hard as you can only use each trap twice, but theres enough traps to help you beat the game (and yes I've beaten it. take that people who posted on Mark J Popp's site on what were the hardest NES games. I AM YOUR SUPERIOR! of course I only did it because Marv [who looks NOTHING like Danny Stern] glitched out and wouldn't move after falling down.)


Yeah, this game is pretty glitchy. Sometimes the crooks can easily pass a trap that's been placed on the ground for no real reason. The glitches are probably the biggest part of why it seems I'm the only one who likes this game. I can honestly look past the glitches. That and the somewhat wonky controls are the big reasons why I think people don't like it. Unless they don't like it because the graphics and music are shitty (which is true for the graphics but I find the music oddly catchy.)

Yeah, I could go along with everyone else, but I had to post my honest thoughts on this game. It's pretty enjoyable to me despite the play control and glitches. Now on to Home Alone 2... which I think we can all agree was a much, much, much worse game.

Buy it or Skip it: Buy it, I honestly think you should give it a chance.

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