Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where's Waldo (1991)

Where's Waldo (or Where's Wally? in its native Britain) was created by Martin Handford in 1987. It was a series of books where you had to find a goofball named Waldo. The books were popular enough to make a video game out of and seeing that I didn't really like the books, you can wonder how I feel about this game (made for people too lazy to use the books)

The game was made by T*HQ, which would be my pick for the worst licensed game publisher / developer for the NES. Of all their games I could only find one to be somewhat enjoyable. (You'll find out what game that is soon) Oddly enough T*HQ (which stood for Toy Headquarters) DID become a good game publisher years later (at least from what I hear. I've never played any of their games past the SNES era anyway), but man oh man were their early games awful.

The games biggest flaw is that the graphics are so god damn terrible. I mean any of these ugly fuckers could be Waldo, how the fuck am I supposed to find Waldo in all of this shit, and most of the levels are like this. There's three levels that aren't. One level where you have to get Waldo out of a cave, one where you have to get waldo out of some bus station puzzle thing, and some weird SMB2 bonus game like thing. None of them are fun, but at least they aren't as frustrating as the stupid regular levels.

There was another Waldo game for the NES intitled  The Great Waldo Search, which was the easiest NES game ever made. No joke. It was also a better game than this one, of course that's no great feat. Don't get me wrong, it was also a terrible game, but at least it was playable.

Buy it or Skip it: Don't buy this game. DON'T.

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