Saturday, September 18, 2010

Captain Comic (1989)

Before I get into today's game I should talk about the history of Color Dreams (they dared to dream in color! thanks to who ever it was I stole that rather lame joke from). It was the second company to make unlicensed games for the NES, after Tengen, AND they were definitely the worst of the bunch, even if most of their games were just bought from Sachen (a Taiwanese company. A TERRIBLE Taiwanese company). They started up in 1989 and A year later they decided to make another company so that they could pump out even shittier games without ruining their reputation (which was ruined from day fucking one if you ask me). The second company was named Bunch Games (as in their games were a BUNCH of shit). Now we get to the good part, after this they decided to make games based on the fucking BIBLE under the name Wisdom Tree, which is actually still making games to this day. (and their bible based games are funny. not good games (well OK I liked The Legend of Jesus aka Spiritual Warfare) , but the idea of a bible based video game is really fucking funny to me).

Now that you know way too much about Color Dreams. (more than any human being should know, honestly) Here's one of their first games (the first official release they made was Baby Boomer. Captain Comic must have been second or third) This was based off of a PC game (that I've never played), I have no idea if the PC game was any good, but I certainly know that the NES version sucks a wet fart out of a goddamn camel's ass.

This game is pretty much ruined by one giant flaw. YOU CAN'T FUCKING DUCK. I have no idea if that was in the original PC game or not and really I'm too damn lazy to check. If that were fixed Captain Comic would be a good game. It's got decent graphics for the time. The music is actually kinda nice, and it would be pretty fun. The game play reminds me of Metroid where in you are on a different planet and you have to find three treasures to beat the game. It's a game big on searching, like Metroid, which is a shame because this could have been a pretty fun Metroid clone.

As far as Color Dreams/Bunch Games/Wisdom Tree games go, this is probably #2, after The Legend of Jesus (aka Spiritual Warfare... and if you dont know why I call it that you really need to check the game out) which just shows how bad Color Dreams really was, sure the carts look pretty neat (baby blue instead of regular gray) but honestly, Color Dreams made worse games than any other publisher on the NES. I would rather play every single T*HQ game to completiton TWICE, then beat fucking Raid 2020. And maybe one day when I'm depressed enough I'll talk about that game, but I hope that day never comes.

Buy it or Skip it: Skip it. THIS could have been a good game if it wasnt for the fact YOU CANT DUCK. WHY THE FUCK IS YOUR CHARACTER SO HUGE THEN??? FUCKING HELL.

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