Monday, September 13, 2010

The Terminator (1992)


This is a very bad game based off of a very good movie. The Terminator came out in 1984 and it was a pretty big hit, so why the hell did it take them 8 years to make a game based off of it. That's right this game came out 8 years later. THE MOVIES SEQUEL HAD BEEN RELEASED BY THEN. why the hell did it take them 8 years to make this? why the hell did they even bother?? I honestly don't know because what Radical Entertainment (Mindscape only published it) made should have never been fucking released. 


I'll start off with a semi positive. The graphics aren't too bad. the backgrounds and all look decent, but your main characters just looks really bad to me, he looks goofy. KYLE REESE IS NOT FUCKING GOOFY LOOKIN YOU CUNTS. Theres also the sound which is very very very grating on the nerves making it nearly impossible to play this game.


Now the major flaw of this game. The flaw that completely ruins it, the fucking controls. This game controls are so god damn incredibly stiff that it's pretty much impossible to do anything with it.  There's also the enemies who seem to enjoy falling down holes instead of fighting you (seriously), the fact you have to make the jumps perfectly or you will fall off the platform (so many times i've got on the fucking platform just to fall through it. I KNOW I HIT THE FUCKING PLATFORM YOU PIECE OF SHIT GAME ARGH.

I honestly can't think of a good game based off any movie in the Terminator franchise, but I sure as hell know that this is the worst of the bunch. Theres like 1,500 things more fun to do than play this game. From watch tv to masturbate to just hit yourself in the head with a hammer. All of them more fun than this game.

Buy it or Skip it:  If someone gives you this game, punch them.

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