Monday, September 13, 2010

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991?)


Here's a wild thing for every single person who's talking about LJN ever. LJN did not program a single video game. Yes, that's right every single LJN game was made by a different company. Companies including Pack In Video, Rare (yes your precious Battletoads makers worked for LJN) and the creators of this blog entries game, Softwork Creations, a honestly very mediocre company which made a few good games (Wolverine, Solstice & it's sequel Equinox, Tom & Jerry, and Plok for the SNES) While this isn't one of the better games,  it's not completely terrible.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day was a pretty good movie, and if you want your video game licesend games to be based completely on the movie (I personally don't really give a shit as long as the games fun. You could put the Terminator into a game where he has to beat up Unicorns and if it was good I'd like it.) You'll be in luck here. This game follows the plot of the movie pretty well, making levels out of some of the more iconic scenes (like the chase between the Terminator / John Connor on the bike & the T-1000 in that giant ass truck makes up level 2)


The graphics aren't too bad, in fact the only really problem I have with the graphics is that I feel Ahhnulld's sprite should be larger. Other than that everything else looks fine. The backgrounds look nice, the other enemy sprites look good enough. The sound is below Softwork Creations usual work. I mean seriously, say what you want about the Wolverine game (and most people have) but the music in it kicked some serious fucking ass (even if it was pretty strange sounding). The music here is just eh. Not very memorable or anything at all.


The game is also pretty challenging but beatable, although the fact that some of your punches wont hit for whatever reason will make the game harder, however no matter how quickly you beat the first four levels. I am absoultetly certain that you will pull out your hair and throw your NES at the wall and scream obsenties and be very angry at the last level, which has some of the most annoying fucking jumps IN ANY GAME EVER. You have to jump on moving platforms that are maybe close enough to jump too for about 1 second. It'll piss anyone off. However I'm sure after some practice you'll get it down and be able to beat up Robert Patrick and really who doesn't want to do that???

I guess in the end I had just enough fun with this game to go ahead and give it a passing grade, if I were to rate this game I'd probably give it a 6/10. It's not as good as the other Softwork Creations games I mentioned above, but man oh man is it better than the Spider Man and X-Men game they made. Holy shit that was a bad game. A very bad game.

Buy it or Skip it: If you can get it for less than 5 bucks I'd pick it up.

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