Friday, September 10, 2010

U.S. 1 (1983)

I first heard of this amazingly beautiful comic on a website where someone I knew from the NES Scene talked about it, he didn't give it a very positive review, but I knew it was something so out there and foolish that I had to get a copy of it and do that I did. I got this beautiful piece of literature for a quarter. One whole quarter! Find of the Century I must say! What comic am I talking about you might ask? It's none other than...

That's right. U.S. 1. #1. I mean really do I have to say anymore. It's a friggin trucker comic based off a short lived line of toys (at least according to the internet) WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? I don't know about you but I think I could consider this the greatest comic book series (yes it was a series. It lasted for 12 issues) ever. And I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet! Yes IT GETS BETTER.

Our beautiful story is brought to us by Affordable Al Milgrom (writer) Happy Herb Trimpe (artist), Mighty Mike Higgins (letters) Colorful Christie Scheele (colorist) Raspy Ralph Macciho (editor) and Jumpin Jim Shooter (Editor in Chief but credited as Big Smokey. Didn't I tell you this was awesome) also I just wanted to be like Stan "The Man" Lee with the alleration there...

Our issue is like every issue 1 of pretty much every comic book out there. They just tell the origin story of our hero! and what a story it is! It starts off with our hero Ulysses Solomon Archer (seriously what a name!) adopted father Poppa Wheelie telling us about his adopted son and how he came to become a hero. It just starts off talking about his early life and how his parents were killed in a car (or should i say truck...) wreck, then how his brother leaves to become a trucker (whos name is Jefferson Hercules Archer. I'm seriously going to change my name to Jefferson Hercules) U.S. becomes a god damn electrionics engineer and a degree in Computer Programming design. Damn we got ourselves a smart trucker. That's almost as rare as a sober irishman (yes I stole a joke from post season 9 simpsons, piss off) So one night, while trucking along with his brother. THE HIGHWAYMAN appears, and pushes them off the road. killing poor old Jefferson Hercules.

Now this is where it gets crazy as hell. U.S.'s skull was shattered and they completely remake it using a experimental metal alloy... and thats not everything. he even uses his superior knoweldge to fix up a truck to have a oil silk release, tire shredding shrapnel bombs, smoke screen and a damn ejection seat. I want a truck just like this now! and he created a lightweight robot drive system into the truck. WHICH IS SET OFF WITH A GOD DAMN SILVER DOLLAR. U.S. 1 is my god damn hero.

So he sets off on a trucking adventure to find the Highwayman, and finds him very soon after. Not much of an adventure you say? WELL EAT SHIT. They get into a crazy truck battle! In which U.S. 1 causes the Highwayman to end falling off the cliff, but you know hes not dead... after all he's the damn major villian of the series!

Well. I'd say U.S. 1 was totally worth the quarter, and if you can find it.


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