Sunday, September 19, 2010

Taboo: The Sixth Sense (1989)

I honestly do not know what to say about this game. It's probably the dumbest idea to ever make a NES game out of. You know what this game does for you. It tells you your fortune, for people who think fortune telling is hogwash (like I do), this game doesn't really deserve a review because honestly it's barely a game to begin with, but the things I do for you people.

So how does this game play. I actually have no fucking idea. Yes, I've played it, but I really don't know how I got my stupid fortune anyway. Seriously. The music was fine, the graphics are good. I honestly can't say anything about this fucking game.

Yeah, that's my review. Another interesting point, I own some of the rarest NES games. Games people are paying a lot of money to own. Stuff like Little Samson that goes for around a hundred bucks now, yet I do not own a copy of Taboo.

Buy it or Skip it:  As a game, it fails. It's barely a game to begin with. As a conversation piece, its not too bad. I mean it is kind of interesting that the guys who would go on to make Battletoads and Donkey Kong Country made a game that would tell you your fortune. Hell that on its own is interesting because thats the worst idea i have ever heard for a god damn video game ever. so i'd say buy it just to tell people about it, but don't ever try to play it.

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  1. I can honestly tell you now, that I love you.