Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wacky Races (1992)

From what I remember Wacky Races was a pretty enjoyable cartoon from the fellas over at Hanna-Barbera. I never thought the cartoon was that popular but I guess I've been proved wrong as other than this NES game there were THREE other Wacky Races games. The newest being a game for the Wii. The other games were racing games, which you know makes some fucking sense because the entire damn cartoon was about racing, however this game is a platformer.

I don't know why Atlus decided to make a platformer out of Wacky RACES. I really don't. This would been the perfect time to make a great racing game for the NES. The only racing game I think is really good for the NES is RC Pro Am, but to be fair theres a bunch I haven't played yet. Despite the fact this should have been a damn racing game, it's still a pretty good platformer. You play as Muttley who has to stop the other Wacky Racers or something. Whats good about this game is the neat power ups you can get after you pick up a bunch of bones. a Bomb power up, a bark power up, a flight power up (yes I know according to Atlus, dogs can fly.) and a heart power up.

The biggest problem with this game is that its incredibly easy. I mean very easy. This makes Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers look like Battletoads. The only game that is honestly easier is Felix the Cat.  The incredibly easyness is a minor complaint as the game is still pretty fun.

Also, a question before I end this review, why the hell was it okay for the other Wacky Racers to cheat like motherfuckers but when Dick Dastardly did it, everyone freaked the hell out?? Yes, this is what I spend my time thinking about...

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    Also this game owns -- it's set to retard difficulty and as a retard I appreciate games targeted for me.