Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dragon Warrior (1986 / 1989)

You may be thinking, "claw! so far you've only reviewed games that for the most part are rather obscure! why are you reviewing Dragon Warrior? Everyone knows about it. Everyone loves it!" Well get ready for a SHOCK that will probably cause you to SHIT yourself. I do not like Dragon Warrior. Yes, that's right. This is one of the NES classics that I honestly think sucks shit. Along with all of its god damn stupid sequels.

I'll just come clean right now. I don't really like turn based RPGs, except for Final Fantasy 1, 4, 6, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger I just do not care for the genre. I find the games to be incredibly tedious and unfun, and thats what Dragon Warrior is to me. Very god damn tedious. I'll give the graphics there due. They are incredibly good for 1986 (when the game came out original over in the land of the rising sun). The music is average. It's just not good or bad. It'll probably get stuck in your head, but it's still not great. I also really like the fact they talk in english from like the middle ages or whatnot..


Now back to the major point and why I don't really like this game. I find it to be incredibly tedious. boring. annoying and just silly. Maybe had I played this when it came out originally. Maybe I would have liked it then, as it has become very very dated. However, I didn't play this game until 2000, and by then I had played better RPGs like the ones mentioned above, and going back to this game was just a step backwards. I just didnt like it from the second I started it. I also got lost very quickly as I don't remember townsfolk being any goddamn help at all and to beat this stupid game (yes I actually wasted my time beating it) I had to use some kind of map.

Honestly despite being positive about this review and not throwing around a thousand curses like I usually do. One would think I don't really hate this game. Only dislike it a little. Well lets throw that idea right out of your head. If you told me I had to play Hydlide or Dragon Warrior to completion or you'd kill, I dunno, my dog. I'd pick Hydlide. At least that game was fun to laugh at.

Skip it or Buy it: Honestly, I'd say skip it unlike you are like me and you have a mental problem and must own every single NES game despite so so many of them being complete shit..

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  1. I played this game about 4 years after it came out. I hated it. If this game actually had a story, I can't remember at all... I do remember borrowing it from a friend, playing about halfway through, then losing it behind the couch for a month. I honestly did not care about finishing at all.