Sunday, October 3, 2010

Zombie Nation (1990)

NES games could be pretty strange. From Italian Plumbers fighting evil turtle dragons, to a kid going into a hole in his backyard (caused by random radioactive waste in his backyard... what) to rescue his pet frog from a bunch of crazy ass creatures. From a robot fighting for everlasting peace. NES games always had weird out there ideas for games, which is a part of their charm. However this game kicks the shit out of all of them.


The plot for this game is a meteorite has turned America into zombies, so a giant undead zombie head (who kinda reminds me of my 6th grade french teacher. if he was asian instead of being white) to fight the evil alien who came out of the meteorite, and you have to stop a giant naked man (no joke), the statue of liberty and a bunch of other evil bums.


I really like shumps, so maybe thats why I like this game where as it seems no one else does, they complain that its too hard but honestly I don't think its that hard. It's actually kindof easy, of course shooters can be pretty easy if you power up your weapons. Sure you can pretty much be killed in one hit if you touch some things (like lighting or smog will knock your health down to one bar) however there are great NES games where you die in one hit FROM ANYTHING. Like Adventure Island or Contra. So man up you fucking wuss.

The game has some pretty nice graphics. All the sprites look great. The backgrounds look great. It all looks great. The music is well less than great. It's not bad but to be fair It's not that good, it's not very memorable but I guess it wont make you shove something in your ear to deafen yourself. It has nice simple gameplay, I'm sure everyone here has played a shump before.

I like this game. It's unique, offbeat and best of all pretty dang fun. It's a bit easy (however I'm the kinda person who is actually pretty okay at Silver Surfer and the entire world thinks that game is hard.) and the harder difficutly doesnt seem to be that much harder, only difference is that the character moves a bit faster, that's all I saw that was different anyway. I think this game is worth picking up if you can find it (It's a rare one and goes for like $20 or more on eBay).

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