Friday, October 8, 2010

The Addams Family (1991)

The first thing I've ever seen the infamous Addams Family in was the 1991 movie intitled The Addam's Family (I mean really what did you expect it to be called?) and I fucking loved that movie as a kid. I remember we got the movie on vhs from McDonalds (really, no joke.) along with another movie I totally loved Charlotte's Web, I haven't seen either movie in years but to me there's no one who can replace Raul Julia as Gomez. No one.


So like every movie that was even sortof kindof popular. It got a NES game. And a SNES game. And a Sega Genesis Game. And an Atari STX or whatever game. AND A Amiga game. I've only played the NES and SNES versions, so I don't know if the other versions are different, but the NES game is pretty decent. Yep, Ocean made a decent game, still this and the Jurassic Park game were flukes. I'm pretty sure every other Ocean NES game sucked (I can't remember if they made the original RoboCop game or not, but if they did I suppose you can add that to the like pile, still even if those three games were the greatest games on the system, they wouldn't make up for the sheer badness that is RoboCop 2. My god that game was bad)


The game is pretty good, although the first time I beat it I wasn't too big on it but it has grown on me. The graphics are fine. The sound is well, you won't really like the classic Addam's Family theme after you play this game to completetion, but the sound effects are pretty good, what I like about this game is that it isn't one of the eighty six billion sidescrollers. It's a sidescroller mixed with Metroid. You have to go around saving the family members so they can help you save other family members. Like grandma will give you a potion (if you collect the stuff you need to make it) so that you can save Pugsley, which adds replay value to this game, trying to see who you can save first.  The controls are pretty okay but they could have been improved on a little, it's hard to really explain why, but they really seem iffy to me. Also the hit detection could have been improved on a bit, but despite those small flaws, the game isn't really that hard. Also the Addams Family keeps the charm of the movie/tvshow/whatever by having their house being weird as hell, full of crazy shit that wants to kill you. That's awesome.

this is another one of the many games that has grown on me, I remember the first time I played it on a emulator and somehow beat it (okay I used a FAQ) but I didn't like it. I don't know if it was using a keyboard or what (an actual NES controller is so much better), but to be fair, the first time I played Contra on an emulator I didn't like it either. That's right, I didn't like Contra the first time I played it,  but I got a copy and I love it now, so in conclusion, playing with a keyboard sucks ass.

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