Thursday, October 7, 2010

Werewolf The Last Warrior (1990)

Werewolves are admittly pretty cool monsters, It's just that most of the material they appear in really sucks ass. For every The Howling or An American Werewolf in London. There's a Twilight (I hear they are techinally shapeshifters, but I don't know because I don't read that goddamn horrible garbage. or watch those terrible movies. In fact they are the only movies I refuse to ever watch. Ever.) or An American Werewolf in Paris.

Published by Data East (makers of Karnov, Bad Dudes and other not very good games) and published by Takara (who I have never heard of. Ever). Werewolf the Last Warrior is probably one of the better games Data East sold, but to be fair that's not saying much. Werewolf has a pretty neat gimmick, in that if you pick up a red W you stop being a total goddamn wuss (seriously your human form sucks) and becomes a total badass werewolf.


Seriously you need to be a werewolf because as a human you will seriously get your shit fucked up in seconds. enemies that take one or two hits as a Werewolf, take several more as a human, and tons of enemies will pop up and attack you, which kills your weak ass human self  very quickly. That's probably the biggest problem of the game, trying to stay a Werewolf.  The games graphics are pretty good, and the music is pretty catchy. The games challenge is kinda depended if you are a werewolf or not, if you are a werewolf the game is challenging but not impossible, as a human the game will fuck you in the ass until you cry uncle.

Despite the fact you suck when you are a person, this game is decent enough. I don't think it'll become your next favorite game but I enjoy it enough to say give it a shot.

Also here's a video talking about tips for this game! (CUZ THAT DAMN BUM ROTH DISABLED THE EMBEDDING)

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