Monday, October 4, 2010

Kid Dracula (????)

Castlevania is probably the best trilogy of games on the NES (not to mention the other great games in the series). All three of them were incredibly fun games, but we are not here to talk about them today (they will be done later on in the month.) we are here to talk about a weird offshoot of the games, Kid Dracula. Kid Dracula is like Parodius... it's just a big goofy version of the original games. Despite being a comedic version of the games, it's still pretty damn fun.

Kid Dracula is your usual NES-era platformer by Konami, so in other words it kicks total ass. You play as Kid Dracula who has to stop some dinosaur named Galamoth (seriously how cool is that you fight a dinosaur!). You start level one with a small fireball, but after you beat the level boss you get a new power. You can even turn into a bat! AWESOME! The game has 6 levels and they are all totally weird and bizarre.


I think this games weirdness is why I like it a lot. It's got a crazy sense of humor and some of the bosses are really strange. One of them is a Nazi ghost (as seen in the above screenshot.) and another is a Chicken. How many NES games had a chicken for a boss?!!? Totally weird yet totally awesome. I'm still in awe over the Nazi ghost. That's goddamned hilarious, but back to the game itself. It has nice bright graphics. The music is great. The sound effects are great. the play control is great. It's pretty damn fun. It has a fair challenge, as in it starts off pretty easy, and gets harder. The last boss being pretty hard (but beatable) if I recall correctly.

This game should have totally come out in America (the game boy version did!), but sadly along side some other great little games it was kept only in Japan, still there's always ROMs, reproduction cartridges and imports, so get off your (probably) fat ass and play this game you piece of shit. It's totally the best game I've reviewed so far this month!

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