Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1993)

I'm a horror movie fan I should get that out right now. I watch too many horror movies, lot of them being B movies no one cares about ever, yet I have never seen Bram Stoker's Dracula made by Francis Ford Coppla which is supposed to be really good and shit. I mean Roger Ebert said it was good and we all must agree with that God of Cinema! I just think theres probably a lot more movies involving Dracula or vampires that I'd rather watch more than it. Plus it stars Keanu Reeves and except for the Bill and Ted movies, I fucking hate Keanu Reeves.


But yes, it was a popular movie made by a popular director so of course it got a damn NES game even though it was made in 1993 and not a single goddamn person was still playing NES games then, but is the game any good? Eh. It's not bad persay but it's not exactly good and by 1993 companies were turning out a lot of really good games that went unknown so when compared to many other better games that came out in the late NES era it's not very good. It's also a hard game to really talk about because its only okay. It's pretty easy to discuss a bad game because theres a lot to talk about how bad it is. It's easy to discuss a good or great game because theres a lot to praise. It's not so easy to discuss a game that pretty much gets a restounding meh from anyone who plays it.


Everything about this game is okay. The music is okay. The graphics are okay. The play control is okay. The gameplay is okay, which is just your usual run and jump, kill enemies and move to the next screen, and it's not really all that hard from what I've played of it. See I told you it was hard. They really didn't add much to this game, and the level design is kinda shitty as most of the levels are honestly kinda bland and unexiciting. One interesting thing of note is how the blocks up there have question blocks on them just like in Mario. A game that is okay/bad shouldn't remind you of a great game. Damnit.

Yeah, I guess if you are a huge sidescroller fan it's worth a buy. It probably won't wow you but you'll get an okay enough time out of it, so buy this when you've beaten pretty much every other sidescroller on the NES.

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