Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fester's Quest (1989)

I love the NES game Blaster Master. It is one of my all time favorite games. It's crazy plot, great gameplay, incredible music, and it is a giant game to explore through. I'm going to say this now, if you don't have Blaster Master, go fuck yourself. Also get a copy of it. You may be wondering why I'm talking about Blaster Master in a review for Fester's Quest, well you see Fester's Quest is a lot like the overhead parts in Blaster Master, just not as good as Blaster Master.

However to be fair to Fester's Quest, I still think it's a pretty good game that gets a bad rap because of two flaws which I'll get to in a minute. Fester's Quest is actually based upon the 1960s Addams Family tv show instead of the movie. So this is the Jackie Coogan Fester you play as, not the Christopher Llyod version. I have no real opinion of the 1960s Addams Family show because I've only seen like half an episode, but one thing I gotta say for certain is that sitcoms of the 1960s were pretty damn weird (I mean there was a sitcom about a spy and one where a man lives with a witch! and another involving a genie!) and a lot more creative than whatever gets shown now.


Fester's Quest has aliens taking over the city in which The Addams Family tv show took place in (I have no idea what that city is) and probably kidnapping someone within the family (I know that some of the family helps you out on this mission but I think Gomez was kidnapped. I don't really know for certain and I don't really care as plots in NES games were all pretty lame for the most part.) and you play as Fester trying to save the city, which is a pretty serviceable plot for a NES game.

The games graphics are pretty good, along with the music (It's Sunsoft people!) and the challenge ranges from fair to holy shit thats impossible, mostly due to the flaws in the game. The major flaws are the gun downgrade weapon and the fact sometimes your gun wont shoot correctly in a small area. I'm not counting the going back to the beginning when you die as a flaw because goddamnit people who make shitty angry video game reviews for youtube need to realize THAT HAPPENED IN PRETTY MUCH EVERY FUCKING GAME YOU SHITHOLES. Also the game has a few 3D mazes so if you suck at those mazes (like I do) you may probably find them to be an annoyance (like I do)

Anyway, I think Fester's Quest, while not a great game gets too much flak from the internet. It's got flaws, no doubt about that but I don't see how those flaws ruin this game.

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