Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday the 13th (1988)

I was a pretty weird kid (yeah what a shock, huh?!) and some of my favorite movies were the Friday the 13th movies. I loved every single stupid one of them (still do) and I think Jason Voorhees is the greatest fictional serial killer ever! (and the Friday the 13th movies were the best horror series of the 1980s, but then again it's not very hard to beat stuff like Halloween and The Howling, which weren't very good series. Sure the first 3 Halloweens were great, and the original Howling was great too, but as a whole those series were really bad.)  but enough discussion of horror movies. You didn't come here to read that you came here to see me tear this game a new asshole!


Well, that isn't going to happen either. Yes, that's right I LIKE Friday the 13th for the Nintendo Entertainment System. A whole lot too. It's a unique game that has some minor flaws but really I don't get what is so terrible about it. The game has some great atmosphere (sometimes when Jason pops out of fucking nowhere I fucking freak out) some very decent graphics, okay music, and a decent challenge. As for flaws, you get six camp counselors and to be frankly honest, only 3 of them are worth anything, Mark, Crissy, and Laura, you can send the other 3 packing as they seriously suck shit. Also it's pretty annoying to find your way around the Cave and the Woods, but it's doable.


I really think this is a game you'll either like or you will either hate. Quite a number of people actually like the game where as a lot sure as hell don't. As you can see from the review you can put me in the like pile. Still theres a good 50/50 chance you may either like this game or hate it, but I'd give it a whirl anyway as it's not a very expensive game and you get to kill a disembodied head!


  1. Hey Michael -- it's a pleasure to find another NES-player blog! I'll try to keep poking around, but I definitely wanted to make sure to stop by to say thank you... I appreciate the mainpage link.

    Game on!
    -- Nintendo Legend

  2. hey, no problem. I want to post links to any websites related to the nes that are still updating...