Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CastleVania (1986)

First of all, this review is dedicated to Tom Bosley, who passed away today. I don't even know why I'm dedicating this review to him because I didn't really watch much Happy Days... and I never saw one episode of David the Gnome, but it's my blog and goddammit I'm dedicating this review to good ol' Howie Cunningham. Secondly I read the stats for my blog and I found something disgusting and vile, people view my blog using Internet Explorer, now you should cut that disgusting act out. Seriously, IE. You make me sick. Also you can easily tell I'm forcing this paragraph out because I really don't have much to say about todays game.


You see, for the most part on this blog I've reviewed lesser known titles. The most popular title I've done is probably Little Nemo, and that's only semi-well known if you ask me. The thing is with titles like Castlevania, everyone has reviewed it. Everyone knows about the game. It's hard to talk about it really (and I have the sequels to do too, because It's Halloween and I made it so that I had to review every Halloween based NES game because I'm a moron) and the only way a review of a very popular title is interesting to me anymore is if the person hates it, because It's interesting to read why someone doesn't like a popular well known title. At least it is to me.


But that won't be the case here, because I like Castlevania, sure the first NES title lacks a little polish and I feel Simon could, you know, fucking move a bit faster, I really do like the original Castlevania. It's a very neat title with good music, good graphics, and it's really fun to beat up monsters from the Universal Horror Movies, like Frankenstein and Dracula. Also I've never seen the original Frankenstein. Yeah, wild stuff I know. 

Yes, I just posted one paragraph of this review on the actual game because I really don't know what to add. Seriously every single person whos ever reviewed this game has said it for me. It's a good title. You know its  good fucking title. It's Castlevania goddamnit. YOU ALREADY PROBABLY OWN THE DAMN GAME ANYWAY SO I CANT EVEN TELL YOU TO BUY A COPY OF IT. Oh well, this review sucks but at least I have more to say about the sequels. THANKFULLY..


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