Friday, October 1, 2010

Godzilla (1989)

What do you say about Godzilla anyway? He's goddamn awesome that's what. Those old Godzilla movies were awesome, I mean what more do you want from a movie? It's a giant monster usually beating up other giant monsters. OK fine. I guess if you are some kind of bum who watches only indie films with social commentary in them probably wouldn't understand how god damn awesome Godzilla is and that's just a shame. For the hypothetical person I'm talking about. Godzilla movies are awesome, even though I haven't seen any of them since I was like a kid, I'm pretty sure I'd still enjoy them. Giant monsters, bad dubbing and ridiculous plots. That's what I want from my movies.

First time I actually played this game. I hated it. I couldn't get anywhere. At all. I couldn't beat one single monster and I would get frustrated and give up. Same with pretty much every other time I tried this game. Except for tonight. Somehow I actually got somewhere. I actually got to the third planet, and I was having a bit of fun, despite the flaws. I don't know if I've gone crazy or not but I kinda like this game now.


The game is pretty simple. You play as either the Big G himself or his pal Mothra (my dad calls all moths Mothra because hes an old man and he thinks thats funny.) and you move around on some kind of chess like board. Godzilla can move I think 3 steps where Mothra can move more (I THINK 5, but I'm not sure) and when you pick a place to move too you end up going to a stage and fighting stuff. Which is where the problems come in.

One, Godzilla is really fucking slow. I mean really slow, which makes it kind of hard to use him as it seems every single enemey will come up and gang rape him before he can get anywhere, making you use the less cooler Mothra (sure a giant moth is pretty cool, but a giant radioactive lizard is so much cooler.) and the levels are pertty much the same.

The boss battles are a little better. Sure the bosses (all characters from the movies Toho owns, I'm sure of it. If I'm wrong someone tell me.) can force you in to one side of the screen but you can easily do the same to them.. Mothra's weird but somehow powerful super attack She (yes Mothra's a girl. Japan is a strange yet beautiful place. I want to go there.)  drops her wings on to the boss you are fighting and it hurts them. Quite a bit actually. I don't know what Complie was thinking (Yep, the makers of the totally rad Gun Nac actually programmed this game for Toho, THE MORE YOU KNOW!)

I guess this game has some weird charm. It's not great. Hell it's not even all that good, but I'm going to go ahead and say that it's pretty decent and worth a look. It's not going to cost any more than $3 anyway. I mean what the hell can you buy with 3 dollars nowadays except somewhat decent old NES games anyway? So just go out and get the damn thing. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you'll hate it, but really, its 3 bucks. If that breaks your bank you are one poor motherfucker.

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