Friday, October 15, 2010

Gargoyles Quest II: The Demon Darkness (1992)

Well, my blog has been up for 2 months now. Somehow I've written at least 41 reviews (this is the 41st review. Remember the first post was an introduction!) and I've been writing reviews on websites for awhile now. NES World Wide in the early 00s, NES Player, NES Phone, and my own very terrible website Claw's PeNES. However I feel those reviews were terrible, horrendous and were written by a lazy teenager. For Christ sake the NWW reviews were just one sentence. Very bad work, so what I'm getting at here is that this is my best work I've done so far and I'm glad that people actually read it. Even if it's only 5 people. And I have to force 3 of them to do so. I'm still glad they do, so thank you.


Gargoyles Quest II: The Demon Darkness is a great game, and I'm glad that I get to review it on this two-month spectacular! Yeah, I'm getting excited that I've kept this open for two months. I should tell you that none of my other sites or anything lasted very long, so two months is pretty amazing, but back to the game. It has an somewhat interesting story behind it. You see Gargoyles Quest was a series that started on the Game Boy and is a spin off of Ghost N Goblins.  Yep, you play as the giant red flying gargoyle that would fuck your shit up at the end of most levels in that game, well to be fair I suppose he appears later on in the game but I've never been able to beat the first level in that game so I wouldn't know for sure.


What makes this game really unique is how it blends some RPG elements into a sidescroller. You can talk to other monsters (yeah everyone in this game is a monster which is fucking awesome) to get hints on where to go. There's a giant world map like in most RPGs. Menus with items and all kinds of other stuff. You can even power up your flight and weaponry! This neat mix of RPG and Sidescroller is never seen too often but it's a welcomed change.  The game has some very nice graphics (I mean it was 1992, by then companies knew how to get every bit of graphical power out of the system), pretty damn good music (I mean its Capcom for crying out loud!) a fair challenge (sometimes hints given to you by townsfolk are pretty badly translated just like Castlevania 2) and in the end it's really damn fun to play.

I haven't played much of the other two Gargoyles Quest games but I know if they are half as good as this game then they are worth it (I did have the original game as a kid but didn't really play much of it) Gargoyle's Quest II, I think goes for like 10 to 15 bucks, which is kinda pricey but not that bad. It's a bit uncommon so it might take some time to find a cheaper copy, but it's worth it. You really need to get this game. Now.

P.S. check out this website! it's got all kinds of neat stuff related to the games.

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