Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ghostbusters II (1990)


Most people don't like Ghostbusters II, for a while I was among them. I remember as a kid I didn't like this movie nearly as much as I liked the aniamted series or the original film. However time has changed my perspective on the movie. I think it's a pretty good film but still not as good as the original movie. the original movie was funnier, more original and had better villians (I mean really Vigo kinda sucked and my god was his henchmen an annoying fucking piece of shit.) but it's still a worthy sequel and it doesn't deserve half of the bad press it gets.


The games graphics are okay, the backgrounds look pretty good and most of the other sprites look alright, except for the Ghostbusters themselves, my god they look like complete and utter shit. They seriously look like they were picked out of a goddamn atari game. The music and sound effects are also pretty okay. It's just the Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr, which is a goddamn classic piece of music if I do say so myself.


The controls are kinda iffy. I think you jump too far which means you can easily hit enemies while trying to jump over another enemy. Other than that they aren't too bad. The level design could have been so much better, you just play through the same non-descript levels except with different backgrounds. However you do get some levels where you drive around in the Ecto-1 (which can jump for some weird reason) which are a little better. There's also one (maybe two) shooter stages that help break up the repetive levels.

The game is also pretty hard. LOTS of enemies on the screen at one time. Some enemies you can't beat without laying down a trap (hit start to do this), also the fact there's no pause button is a dumb, stupid, foolish, idiotic, retarded idea and who ever decided that it should be in a game should be drug out into the street and shot seventeen times.

Despite it all, this game isn't that terrible. It's just a rather bland sidescroller, it's playable but there's a lot better stuff out there for you to enjoy. So go enjoy those better games.                  

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