Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (1988)

I've always found it amusing how Castlevania II, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Zelda 2 were all incredibly different from their original games and how people hated them for it. A LOT of people hate this game and I hate to break it to the internet retro gaming community, but it's not because James Rolfe used his brainwashing powers to make people hate it (I'm sure people hate it just because he does but those people are fucking morons anyway and you shouldn't blame James for that really) this game has been disliked even before he came on the scene. Seriously, I've been talking about this goofy ass games for about 12 years and people have always either hated or loved those three games. Personally I'm in the love category.

Castlevania II of those three games is probably the one that's the most different. Zelda 2 kept most of the same stuff except it had platforming segments instead of the usual shit. And I'm not repeating the story about Super Mario Bros 2 because I'm already fucking sure you know why that game is so different from the others. CastleVania II is the most different because It adds in RPG elements and makes the game an action-adventure game instead of a platformer. I really like the fact they added the RPG elements in, like getting a certain amount of hearts will increase your maximum health, and you can buy stuff from people. Although the RPG elements could have been done better but I'll get into that later. The game still boasts some great graphics, music, and is a fun challenge. Also I should mention it here, this game has 3 ENDINGS. That wasn't very common back in the NES days, so I think its worth mentioning that here. I've only been able to get one of the three endings too (The worst one to boot!)


Now you know how you get to talk to people in RPGs, and they give you hints to where to go to next, well this game kinda fucks that up, seeing as most of the people don't know fucking shit, which can be a pain because you can get lost easily, but I don't really see that as a game ruining flaw. Also I like the Night and Day aspect, monsters really would be more powerful at night and stuff, although it is kinda weird how towns get overrun by zombies, you think the townsfolk would do something about that. I guess not.

I think CastleVania 2 is actually a better game than the original. I think the original is probably the worst of the 3 games for the NES. Also I like how everyone creams themselves over Symphony of the Night (which this may shock you, I HAVE NEVER PLAYED. And I probably won't ever play) and the new DS and GBA Castlevania games, which would have probably never come out if they didn't make CastleVania 2. Seriously thats where the MetroidVania series of games started. So show some damn respect, you punks.

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