Monday, January 17, 2011

Tiny Toon Adventures (1991)

I enjoyed the 1990 - 1993 animated series Tiny Toon Adventures. It wasn't perfect, but it amused me as a youngin, and that's all that really matters. What really surprises me is all these hardcore Looney Toons fans and some of the creators of original Looney Toons cartoons (who were still alive when this show came on) all really did not like it. It's strange but I guess I don't take my cartoons as seriously as some crazy weirdos who freak out if you watch one past 1961, but to be fair I don't take anything fucking seriously, anyway, today's game is Tiny Toon Adventures for the NES.

 I really like this game. It's a pretty neat platformer starring all of your favorite Tiny Toons characters. You play as Buster Bunny who has to rescue Babs Bunny from Montana Max. You can change from Buster and become Plucky Duck (who was totally the best of all the characters, but to be fair I also think Daffy was the best Looney Toons character too!)  Dizzy Devil, and Furrball. and Elmyra, Arnold (the big bull dog) and Dr. Gene Splicer all make camoes as enemeis or bosses. And I didn't have to look a single name up, yes, I am that sad. I also like how the characters all do different things that help you out in each stage. Plucky and fly and swim. Dizzy can spin through anything, and Furrball can climb on walls.

To be fair, I really don't have any complaints about this game. It's got very nice graphics, really great sounds and music (seriously other than Capcom, Konami made the best musics on the NES, if you disagree with that...well I guess you can disagree with that, I mean really what can I do to make you change your mind anyway?)  The game is pretty fun,  and has a decent challenge to it, as every level gets harder and harder and by the end it's like your usual Konami crazyness, It's been awhile since I played through this entire game but I remember Montana Max's mansion (woo illeration!) being goddamn hard as HELL.

If you enjoyed Tiny Toons, if you hated Tiny Toons, and even if you have no fucking idea what Tiny Toons was, you should still pick up this neat latter era title, it proves that they were still cranking out great NES titles when the SNES came into play and they made some of the best games for the NES in the last 3 years of its lifespan in my opinion as developers knew what to do and what not to do... either way, pick this game up, and hell if you find it cheap enough, pick up the sequel.. my thoughts on the sequel coming up soon but I don't know when...either way I think you can tell I'm having a hard time ending this paragraph so I'm just going to end it right here...


  1. I'm a huge Looney Tunes fan but Tiny Toon Adventures was great as well. It was obviously not the same caliber as the old WB cartoons but it didn't try to be. At least it wasn't the travesty that Tom & Jerry Kids was.

  2. Tom and Jerry Kids was worse than AIDS, Cancer and the Holocaust all combined.

  3. I hadn't even heard of Tom and Jerry Kids. Sounds pretty bad from that description!