Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Adventures of Bayou Billy (1989)

I have to make a confession, when I first got my second NES in like 1998 or so this was one of the first games I ever got, and I had to use a game genie to beat it. Yes. There. It's out in the god damn open. I cheated like George W. Bush did in the 2001 election! No, I don't really care if he did or didnt because really all politians are scummy crooks who shouldn't be listened too. All of em. So yes, back to Bayou Billy. It was tough for me then. Really tough, that's why I had to use the game genie. And I had fun with the game when I was using the game genie and not so much the other way around. Anyway, I ended up getting rid of that copy along with a bunch of other games. (for a shitty broken dreamcast I could never get to fucking work. Ever)  and I must say something else that is shocking! VERY SHOCKING! but it will have to wait till the next paragraph.


The Adventures of Bayou Billy is yet again another game the world hates with a blinding sexual passion of a thousand suns yet I honestly really like. They complain that it's too hard (Just go to the practice stage. Trust me, It'll help you out a lot) And well heres the SHOCKER. The second time I played through Bayou Billy. I beat it, that's right, but I HAD NO GAME GENIE! THAT'S RIGHT! I beat this game without a game genie. And it didn't take me months, or years or even a decade like it did with TMNT (the original game) nope. It took me less than a fucking week. Seriously, maybe I've just asended to NES God status in those years between playthroughs but I didn't think it was that hard. You just really need to get the fighting down pat and the game becomes a cinch, the other two modes of play are not hard in the slightest.


That's right, Bayou Billy is one of the many games that had different modes of play. And I'm pretty sure it was the first too! It had Double Dragon/TMNT2-3 like beat em up stages. Zapper shooter stages (seriously the poor Zapper never got any love, it was such a neat thing too. I still love that PKang noise it makes. So much. I want a thousand zapper salute when I die!) and driving stages. If you ask me the only tough part of this game were the fighting stages and if you ever got them down pat the game was easy as hell. The  Zapper stages are cake walks and the driving stages were not much harder. I dunno, maybe I'm just crazy.

I'd advise anyone who hates this game to give it another shot. Maybe I'm just a retarded Konami fanboy but I think it's still a pretty good title. Not perfect, but pretty good. Also here's a few intrestesting things about BAYOU BILLY I found out about on the internet, it had a comic book! for five issues (and I have the final issue). He was in a lot of episodes of Captain N (and Captain N said he couldn't beat Bayou Billy. God what a loser!) and well no one send any republicans to my house to beat me with a sack of door knobs because of what I said about George W. Bush!

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  1. Oh man, this is one of my favorites on the NES. The characters are great, and that laugh of Godfather Gordon is awesome! I think the main portions of the game, the fighting, could've used some tweaking, but overall it's a really, really good game.

    Don't worry about any Republicans coming to knock on your door haha Well, you might have to watch out for the liberal Republicans, I guess ; )