Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day Dreamin' Davey (1992)

Well today is a special milestone at KLASSIK KLAW KOMEDY (I really don't know why I went with that terrible blog name but It sure beats claw's peNES...) as I have finally written 100 blog entries. 100 pointless, uninteresting, unfunny, boring and rather crappy 100 entries, but damnit I'm still happy I did it. I never stick with things in the long run and I'm glad that I stook with this blog because even though I don't particularly think I'm doing good work here It's still fun to blather on about the things I want to talk about that no one else wants to talk about. Like this game.


Day Dreamin' Davey was programmed by Sculptured Software... a company that's not very well liked by most video game fans, of course most video game fans go on and on about how video games are art. here's a hint, they ain't. And it fucking pains me that I have to agree with such a pompous asshole like Roger Ebert on something I do love a whole lot but I don't think Video Games are art, but that's neither here nor there. It's not time to bring that arguement back up, it's time to talk about Day Dreamin' Davey.  Sculptured Software made the two Genesis / SNES Simpsons games that I fucking loved as a young lad. They may not be much now in 2011, and they may not have been much back then, but fuck I LOVED THEM. And I still do, and there ain't a fucking thing you can do about it. They also made Stanley Search for Dr. Livingstone, which is like Metroid except better. That's right I just sassed Metroid! and I said video games aren't art! Some obese man is going to kill me tonight.


Day Dreamin' Davey is well, not a great game, but again I don't agree with the general populace that it's a bad game. It's not, despite the fact they really could have gone farther with the idea. I mean there's three level types done over and over in this game. Medievil Times, Ancient Greek, and The Wild West. They could have come up with a lot of better level ideas then rehashing the same three over and over and over again. Kind of lame if you ask me. Also the fact they really fucked up the Controls in this game. You have to presss A AND B to jump. That's fucking stupid. I don't even have to point out why that so god damn stupid, but I will anyway. I hate to break it to you Davey, but every other game or at least 98% of them used either A or B to jump, not both, you dumbshit.


But despite those flaws I like this game, yes I'm sure some will call me crazy but maybe I  am crazy, I'm the only liberal minded person in the world it seems who thinks calling Sarah Palin a cunt is a dumb thing. Also wishing she was dead is not cool either! And I don't really like her either! But yes! that has nothing to do with Day Dreamin' Davey. I'm trying to get back on track before some obese (I mean be honest here all video game fans are either fat or ugly) hardcore super liberal video game fan stabs me in the chest leaving me to die for not wishing Sarah Palin get raped and beaten to death with a broom stick. I don't even know why I mentioned that! This review is getting long and pointless! at least the other ones weren't long! OK. I'm gonna say I don't really like the music but I don't hate it either. The music and sound effects are passable enough, what I do like however, is that it's one of the few games to actually have digital voice effects in it. And they actually sound pretty good! Wild stuff! Another thing I really like about this game is the graphics. I really like the character designs, the Teacher, Davey, The Bully, the Weird Girl, The Principal (who is totally a black Jason Alexander according to Sean Leroy Mackenzie Jr.)  and despite the controls the game is still pretty fun to me.

Anyway, I think it's time I finally finish up this 100th blog post with a plea, don't give this game a fair shake for me, give it a fair shake for Black Jason Alexander. Thank you and goodnight (despite it being 2:30 here in Canada! but shhh anyway!)


  1. I've always loved your peNES!

    I've never ever ever played this game.

    Happy 100th!

    PS: Don't kill yourself D:

  2. Never played Day Dreamin' Davey but it looks dumb so I'll avoid it.

    I'm a huge Metroid fan and even *I* agree that Stanley is far superior. You should review that next.

    I also hate Sarah Palin but wishing her dead is kind of hypocritical if you think about it.