Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amagon (1988 / 1989)

This game has gotten hated on since I started using the internet to research what NES games to buy (despite all the negative reviews I still bought it and well you'll see what I thought of it in a second!) and well the opinion on this game has been overwhemlingly negative. It was hated back in the days of regular text reviews on websites and it's hated now on video reviews. Also many gay jokes related to the fact the main character is pink. Really guys are we 12 years old or what? Seriously that's just silly! Anyway today we talk about Amagon the absolutely favoritest game of cracked8ball (also if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm then you need to get out more)


Amagon is well, yet another game the world dislikes but I like. I'm not saying this is going to blow your socks off and make you go HOLY DICKS THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER MADE AND I WANT TO SUCK THE DICKS OF EVERYONE WHO HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. No, that's not going to happen. It'll just give you a simple decent time. That's it. This game isn't great. This game is at best above average, but I really seriously don't know why it's so disliked. It's got a nice bit of weird charm (seriously some of the enemies in this game are the weirdest you'll see on the NES) and frankly it's just a nice simple game.


Amagon is like Contra (and to be fair if anyone read my blog they would probably freak out about me comparing Contra to Amagon. Chill, I think Contra, Super C, and hell EVEN CONTRA FORCE are better games than Amagon, but Amagon is a run n gun platformer, just like Contra!) and it doesn't do action based platforming crazyness as well as Contra but it's still got a neat gimmick too. Yes, you can choose to do the run N gun aspect OR you can pick up points and get this item to turn you into this crazy ass muscle man that could probably murder the entire Spartan army if he felt like it. Thankfully, Amagon is a good guy! Amagon boasts decent graphics, music that is very god damn catchy. Seriously that shit is like the Duck Tales theme song. Get it stuck in your noggin and it won't ever leave. Never. Good play control, the only problem is the games challenge is really lopsided, as Amagon it's incredibly hard, but as Megamon, it's insanely easy. It's kinda crazy.

Anyway, Amagon is a decent little time waster. It won't knock your socks off like Contra or something but It's worth a look. I mean really, it's one of those games that are stuck in your used game store for a goddamn dollar. Seriously if your really that damn poor that a dollar will break your bank than you shouldn't even be using the fucking internet. (also intresting (at least to me) is that the final boss (look at the last image in the review) is supposedly based around the Flatwoods Phantom, a supposed space alien that appeared at a town called Flatwoods in 1952. Wild stuff eh?. Also I found that theres a place in Arkansas called Amagon! Pointless facts ahoy!)

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