Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Captain America & the Avengers (1992)

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Captain America's creation (which actually happens in March but I'm lazy and impatient and want to do it NOW goddamnit!) I decided to talk about a video game Captain America was in, no I don't mean the totally awesome 1991 Arcade game that was awesome. Jesus was against violence and all that but I'm still sure he'd enjoy beating up the Red Skull and his minions because that's how awesome that game was. "WHERE IS THE LASER" "ASK THE POLICE!" ha ha good stuff. No I'm going to be reviewing the lesser known and to be fair less awesome NES game. It's still a decent enough title though!


One big flaw this game has is the fact you can only play as Hawkeye and Captain America. Sure I love both those characters a whole lot but goddamnit you don't show Iron Man and the Vision on the fucking cover and not let anyone play as them. That is a fucking cock tease and you know it Data East. A COCK TEASE! And it's not fair to call it and the AVENGERS when you only get to play as one goddamn avenger other than CAP. Way to lie to me Data EAast! that's why I hate you! well that and your shitty shitty Karnov and Bad Dudes (ahahaha sorry you know I had to put that in there Roth!) and another problem with this game is that theres only two types of stages, a outside stage or an inside stage, most of the stages look very familiar and that can be seen as pretty lazy level design if you ask me.

Still this game has some pretty good graphics, all the characters that you get to fight look like their appropriate Marvel Comics character. The Mandarian doesn't end up looking like a 87 year old cat lady. He looks like the goddamn Mandarian. The music isn't so fantastically good that you'd write home about it (although If you honestly wrote home to your mother about how good a video games music was I'd have to say you are goddamn crazy) And the level up thing is interesting, where if you collect 100 gems Hawkeye and Captain America will increase a level, making them more powerful and have more health. I also must admit that while I think I'm pretty good at NES games I still havent mastered this one. It's a tough cookie. But most of all despite the problems the game has in the end it's pretty damn fun.


If you like Captain America, or Hawkeye, or The Avengers, I'd say pick this game up. To be fair I'm just so happy that I get to fight a 8-bit version of THE WINGLESS WIZARD (he, I think fought the Avengers like maybe twice.... he was more of a Fantastic Four bad guy, BUT STILL YOU GET TO FIGHT HIM SO STOP BEING A PICKY DOUCHE) that I'd love the game even if it was the worst piece of shit ever, but it isn't, so go pick this game up. It's actually not a complete piece of shit!


  1. haha You know you love Karnov!

    I'm not very good at this game. I haven't played it in awhile, but I remember I had lots of problems with it. It would probably help if I checked a manual out though, because I don't think I even knew about powering up haha

  2. I always thought you could play as Iron Man and Vision in later levels; I seem to recall them being on the box. Then again that was when I was a kid so I was probably completely wrong.

    Still not as good as the arcade or even the SNES/Genesis ports. SEEEEEE MY POWAHHHHHHHHHH

  3. I remember getting this game fully expecting to play as iron man. I was sooooo pissed....had fun otherwise though. Later that year I moved to Genesis and got my Iron Man. I regret ever selling my genesis.