Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dick Tracy (1990)

I don't really know much about Dick Tracy. I only saw the 1990 film once, but I do remember enjoying it, despite the fact Madonna was in it. I've never read the original comics by Chester Gould (however I have read some of the newer stuff thanks to the Comic thread on SomethingAwful... I'm sure as fuck that Chester Gould couldn't be as shitty as Dick Locher. Seriously, the dudes stories are stupid and whoever draws the comic can't draw worth a shit. I could draw better than him. No joke.) and this NES game, which gets an incredibly bad rap. Yes, this is yet another game the internet has told me I have to hate, but I refuse to do so! That's right, here's yet another positive review of a game no one else likes (except DamienC)


There's honestly a lot to like about Dick Tracy. I like the fact that you actually feel like a detective going around finding clues. This is a very neat feeling. The music has this really nice 1930s-1940s feel to it that makes it unique and fun to listen to. The graphics are pretty good. The game has a somewhat uneven challenge to it, as it gets ass blastingly hard in the latter stages. Of course, I've beaten the game (one tip is to always have at least 2 first AID kits with you, seriously, you will need them) but I think that if you put enough effort into it you could beat it too. This is a very unique little game that I feel gets trashed because people won't play it for more than 5 fucking minutes.


It's not without it's flaws though. The driving sections, if you ask me, are fucking horrible. You get hit by those asshole snipers way too easily, and I'm too goddamn impatient to go around everywhere so slowly. It's foolish, damnit! Some level design choices are very weird, like enemies in very annoying spots, but to be fair, every NES game no matter how good or bad at least had one point where they put an enemey in the most annoying, stupid place. Also some of the clues are pretty hard to get and you may have to use a FAQ. I hate having to use FAQs, damnit. And some of the clues are pretty stupid and worthless too boot.

Anyway, I had fun playing Dick Tracy. The game is a nice unique little title that gets way too much guff from the internet. This is a game that honestly deserves a second look, play it for more than 5 damn mintues this time too.

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  1. Seriously, the reason people die so often is because they drive the car at full speed and don't watch out for the snipers.

    You really have to put around at 2 mph to not get killed on the streets. If you avoid dying in the car and stock up on 238756845 first aid kits like you said, anyone can get through the game ok.

    It's really a fun game if you ignore the quirks.