Monday, January 17, 2011

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)

 Today's game is a request from a friend! Yes! that's right someone puts up with me! IN REAL LIFE! wild stuff huh? Either way I've decided to talk about the original TMNT game,  A game you either love or hate. Personally I 'm in the love pile, this was one of my favorite games as a youngster and is a game that I honestly think it holds up really well, the game is not perfect but nothing except for maybe TMNT2 or the Mario games brings me back to those days of my youth. Anyway on to this review!

I haven't played this game since I beat it in like 2007 (give me a break I got a lot of games to go through and beat! don't have no damn time to play through everything a bazillion times!) and well I played it again today (just a few minutes ago too!) for like 45 or so minutes and had a damn ball. The game has flaws yes, but I still enjoyed this unique little platformer. I like the maze like levels, they add a very unique flavor to it all, it's kinda hard to explain really but I like how there's tons of rooms in like every level to explore and everything. I'm not even sure I've seen everything this game has to offer and I've been playing the damn thing since I was 5 years old!                                            


The game boasts some pretty good graphics, and some REALLY good music. This music in this game is really catchy and memorable, the gameplay is tight despite some problems (which i'll get too), the challenge to be completely fair is not as hard as most people say (despite it taking me 10 years to beat the game...) it's only the end of the game that's really hard, and before anyone says any thing about that damn dam stage, It's not that hard, seriously. If you think the dam stage is hard you are a wuss. That's right a complete and utter wuss. This game has a few lets say weird choices in design, like pizza in places where you couldn't get it and some really annoying jumps, but to be fair, I don't consider that to be a game ruining flaw really, the jumps don't appear all that much.  Another problem I have is that the bosses in this game, except for the Technodrome are really really, REALLY easy, and if you have the scroll weapons the Technodrome is a joke. The last flaw in this game has is that one two of the four turtles are really worth anything, those being Donatello and Leonardo, which pisses me off because Michaelango and Rapheal are much, much cooler.


Anyway, yet another disliked game that I honestly enjoy, although this game may not be perfect, It's probably my favorite of the four TMNT games (everyone seems to forget about TMNT Tournament Fighters was ALSO on the NES too but I can see why no one wants to remember that game) on the NES. It's just I find it to be a better game than the beat em ups (not to say that they are bad games, as I do like them) and despite some minor flaws I really do think this is a game worth picking up. You'll either like it or hate it with a passion, no in between.


  1. The dam level is fucking easy. Areas 3 and 4 always pissed me off more.

  2. Yup, I remember that third level being a pain, especially when you're not sure where to go at first. The dam wasn't bad at all. Over-dramatic people!