Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gilligan's Island (1990)

 I liked Gilligan's Island when I was a kid. No I didn't watch it originally, I'm not that fucking old, but in reruns, sadly it feels like something I'd probably not be able to enjoy now, just for one reason: Gilligan. Seriously, the guy made it so these people were trapped for god damn years on a deserted island. You could be the nicest son of a bitch ever born and you'd probably ring his scrawny ass neck after he screwed up a few times. I don't see how he got to live after screwing up so many fucking times. I mean I'm sure Alan Hale could have taken his scrawny ass any day of the week. If you can easily look past this and enjoy the show fine, you won't get no guff from me for enjoying something I don't. Life's too short to pick apart others opinions and shit. Unless their opinion is like black people and gays and jews shuold be exterminated. Then I'd probably have a problem with that. Also take out the probably. Also I think you should know that we are going to discuss the 1990 NES game Gilligan's Island. Also I use the word Also a lot.

This is also a not very well liked video game, but honestly it's yet another one that I like. Maybe it's the absurdity of a Gilligan's Island game (seriously it's a weird idea for a show let alone a video game), or maybe I'm easy to please. I probably am, I don't really enjoy being negative (yet oddly enough I've gotten a reputation for being negative. Strange how that shit works out eh?) Either way, I think this game is pretty enjoyable. It was programmed by Human Entertainment (at least according to Wikipedia) who would go on to make The Fireman (a pretty good PAL-Only SNES game) and well while this game isn't perfect (I'll go into those reasons later) but I think it's neat. Not many games like this. Every level or "episode" is a maze where you have to find the characters from the show and do errands for them along with finding the boss of the level. I honestly think that's really neat, and I feel that the time limit for the most part is pretty fair. The last level is really hard because you need to do everything perfectly within the  time limit but for the most part the time limit in this game is fine. I also think the graphics are decent enough, not spectacular but you can easily tell which character is which. The music isn't great but is listenable.


OK, now for the negatives, first off the bosses kinda suck and are pretty easy once you figure out their pattern. The enemies aren't even that hard to dogde or anything and mostly you'll die trying to figure out where to go (there is a map once you press pause but first off you have to find where everyone is.) which is kinda sucky. Also if you didn't hate Gilligan before you will now. No joke, you will probably want to dig up Bob Denver's grave and throw his skeleton around a little. Gilligan follows you around, and if you lose him you HAVE to go back and get him. AND you WILL lose that bastard a lot. So pick up a lot of ropes because they will bring Gilligan back to you automatically.. You'll thank yourself later.

This game while not great, has a lot of charm and if you ask me is pretty enjoyable. I'm honestly not doing this to be against the grain or anything silly like that. The games most people hate that I like I actually honest to god enjoy. I'm not doing it just for the hell of it, so to prove this to you. I plan to review what I consider to be my second least favorite game on the NES (behind Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde) so look for that soon, and try to guess what it is. Here's a hint the AVGN reviewed it! BYE NOW!

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  1. Finding your way around is definitely the toughest thing, the whole "keep dying figure things out" thing. Especially with the waterfalls and what-not. It is a pretty good game though!