Monday, November 1, 2010

Al Unser Turbo Racing (1990)

I'm starting something different on KKK (oh dear!) where I picked 26 games that start with each letter of the alphabet. ALL AT RANDOM. So this should be a fun 26 posts, Some of the games I've played before, some I havent played at all. Some are great games. Some are terrible piles of shit. It'll be fun to see the next reviews whenever they happen. The first game is Al Unser's Jr Turbo Racing and It's actually the first time I ever played this game and frankly first time I played any racing game I have for the NES that wasn't Rad Racer or Rad Racer 2 and to be honest, I think you really should stick with either Rad Racer game. So so SO much better.

I feel the way about Data East the way most people on the internet feel about LJN. I think I can name three Data East titles I like to some degree: Captain America, Joe and Mac, and Heavy Barrel, and if we are talking about SNES games I enjoyed both Joe and Mac games for that console, sadly most other Data East games are worse than the Republians (how do you like that dig Roth!?!? It sasses Republicans AND Data East!) Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing is probably say better than Karnov or Bad Dudes (both are popular for some reason I do not know why, the only good thing about Bad Dudes was the laughably bad plot)


However thats all besides the point. Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing is a racing game... and it's not very fun one. I dunno this game is very simple, I mean Rad Racer was a pretty simple game but it was still fun. And this game is a whole lot like Rad Racer except without the charm or the fun. What I'm trying to say is Al Unser's Jr Turbo Racing is really really boring. The graphics are good enough I suppose, but Rad Racers were even better if you ask me. The sound is forgetable and not as good as Rad Racers (and I'm not like the biggest fan of Rad Racers music)

To be honest, Al Unser Jr's Turbo Racing is far from the worst game you could own, but it probably costs the same as Rad Racer and Rad Racer is a much, much, MUCH better game. Rad Racer is without a doubt the best racing game on the NES I've played yet and Al Unser's Turbo Racing probably ISN'T the worst. At least I hope it isn't.

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