Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crystalis (1990)

This game will always remind me of a old NES Forums user. A giant douchebag who would get mad when you didn't agree with him that Pokemon was amazing and this was the best NES game ever made. I used to disagree with him just to get him started. It was great fun and I'm sure most people who I force to read this blog remember the guy too. BUT to be completely and utterly honest Crystalis is a pretty damn good game. I don't like it as much as he did but I do think it's a pretty worthy game for your collection.

Crystalis is like Zelda, and Startropics, and Startropics 2, and Willow and a whole hell of a lot of other games. Personally I like the Action RPG subgenre and feel they are a lot more fun than the regular kind of RPGs. I think Crystalis is the first one I've talked about too, well I should mention that the games are usually from a top down perspective and you can walk in any direction, and they have all the neat parts of RPGs without most of the annoying parts I don't really care for. I dunno, I just have a lot more fun playing Action RPGS than straight RPGS, but thats just me.

Pretty much everything about Crystalis is good. The plot might not be the most amazing thing ever made but it's a decent serviceable plot. PLUS the plot takes place in a post apoclypse setting, and I've mentioned I love those settings. And the game has mutants. How cool is that?!?! The graphics are insanely good, everything looks nice and lush. The music is great, very catchy and memorable. The game isn't overlong like some RPGs and it feels like the perfect lenght for this type of game. All in all I think this is a pretty damn good game.

Crystalis is a very worthy game for anyones collection, unless you don't like Action RPGs so I guess you won't care for Crystalis. Or you are Jon Hornbaker, but no one listens to him anyway.

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