Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Jungle Book (1994)

I remember enjoying the Jungle Book quite a bit when I was a youngster, BUT to be fair I remember absolutetly nothing about the movie. Not a single frame of animation, just that I enjoyed it. I'll be rewatching it (and many other Disney classics! and reviewing them!) soon enough, but today we are going to talk about the video game based off of the last movie Walt Disney had anything to do with. And It's not made by Capcom! but the makers of M.C. Kids (and I like M.C. Kids, in fact  I like it more than the game people call it a ripoff off, that's Super Mario Bros 3 if you don't know. Yes, I like a game on the NES more than super mario brothers) Virgin Entertainment!
The Jungle Book was released in the last year of the NES's lifecycle. Well, unless you count Sunday Funday as a new game than the NES died in 1995, but either way, not a single person probably played this game when it originally came out. At least the NES version. I don't think anyone even had a NES in 1994. I mean I can't even recall many games being released in that year, but its a shame because I think some very enjoyable NES titles were released that year, In fact I like every game released for the NES in 1994 (at least I think I do I may be forgetting some) but I'm pretty sure no one knew about the NES version of the Jungle Book in 1994 because they were probably playing the SNES or Genesis versions (which if I recall correctly are all very similar, except I think the NES version is longer)


The game is your usual sidescroller, but it has a neat gimmick, hidden throughout the level are a number of gems (each level has at least one) that you have to find, making you pretty much search the entire level, personally I think that's a pretty neat idea. Another great thing is that this is probably the only Disney game that will actually challenge players older than 7 years old. Well TaleSpin is also pretty hard for a Disney game but the rest were incredibly easy (damn fun to play,  but fucking easy as hell) the game also has some very nice tunes and some decent but not spectacular graphics (remember this is 1994, the few NES games coming out in that year pretty much pushed the NES to its limits) and the game has a pretty good length, coming in at about 10 or so levels and the last one was a motherfucker.

The Jungle Book for the NES pretty much prooves that the NES was still putting out great games until it's dying days. Except for Sunday Funday. I mean seriously. Also despite being a later release it's not a very rare game, I THINK I ended up paying $10 for it, which is I think a pretty fair price for a later era NES title, of course that's just one man's opinion.