Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Marvel Team Up #120 (August 1982)

I fucking love Team Up comics. Every single god damn series they created. Brave and the Bold where Batman teams up with some random DC hero. DC Comics Presents where Superman teams up with a random DC character. Marvel Two in One where The Thing teams up with some random Marvel superhero, and my favorite of the bunch Marvel Team Up where Spiderman Teams up with a random Marvel superhero. I just find team ups to be so much fun to read... mostly because some of them are so very weird (seriously read any Brave and the Bold story written by Bob Haney... crazy shit) plus it's a good way to get people interested in lesser known heroes... like the hero Spider Man teams up with in this issue, Dominic Fortune.

I do not know a single thing about Dominic Fortune, and I'm pretty sure this is the only issue I have where he appears (I could be wrong though, I own a lot of these damn things) but that's not to say he isn't an interesting character, but since this issue doesn't really go over his origin, I will have to do so here. He's just a adventerer for hire / mercenary and goes around fighting crime in the 1930s! and he beats up Nazis! no one likes them!
Ok that was a pretty lame recap of his origin but to be fair I don't really know too much about the character, but I do like this issue. One thing I like about this issue is it's insane plot. MY PERSONAL HERO Turner D. Century comes back from the dead (he's a super villain, they are harder to kill than a cockroach) and he has a new creation. A time horn as he calls it. What does the time horn do... why it kills anyone under the age of 65, because Turner is a goddamn lunatic who loves old time shit. Plus he calls Spider Man Effeminate! who couldnt love this guy???

See?!? SEE!? how awesome is that? Another great thing about this issue is that Dominic Fortune is a goddamn douchebag which to me is hilarious. Seriously the dude fucking bitches out AUNT FUCKING MAY. who the fuck would do that. Dominic GODDAMN Fortune, but to be fair he's all fucking depressed for a bunch of reasons, like growing old and not being able to fight crime anymore, losing the woman he loves and not knowing where she is, AND having to be put in an old folks home. That would make anyone a grumpy gus. That's also another thing I like about the issue is how Dominic Fortune actually fucking ages like a normal human being unlike every other hero, damn I'm serious about my superhero funnybooks!

In the end this is a really fun issue to read, even if you don't like Spider Man you gotta admit Dominic Fortune is a bastard for sassing out Aunt May??? DON'T YOU AT LEAST WANT TO READ THAT? you don't WELL FUCK YOU.

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