Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DuckTales 2 (1993)

DuckTales 2... some people don't know it existed. Some people don't like it as much as the original game. Some people like it more. Some people like it just as much as the original game. I'm one of those people. I feel Duck Tales 2 is as good as the original game, which in my mind is a god damn classic, but to be fair I really like every single Disney game Capcom made, and yes that includes Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (although that one is the worst of the lot) and TailSpin (and I didn't even like that stupid show as a kid either!)

If you may let me ramble on about Cartoons for a bit, I must say that the cartoons that showed on the Disney Afternoon (which is two decades old. My god I feel old now.) were amazing.  Duck Tales. Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers. Darkwing Duck. Gargoyles. Goof Troop. Fuck, I'm one of the few people who even liked Bonkers for crying out loud. And you know whats even better, every single one of them was made into a great game (well I've never played the Sega Genesis Gargoyles game but if you ask me the rest were made into very soild NES / SNES titles) Those cartoons are still very entertaining to watch now, even though I'm 25 years old. They were funny, had great plots, entertaining characters and I guess thats enough of me gushing about the shows, I think It's time to talk about the game itself!


Duck Tales 2 is like pretty much every other Capcom / Disney game for the NES as in It's a platformer. I say almost because TailSpin was actually a shump, but it makes sense for that show. Either way, Duck Tales 2 is a great platformer with good level design, damn good graphics and good music (but nothing is as good as the Moon theme in the original NES game. Also here's a remix of that theme. It's amazing.) Another thing I liked about DuckTales 2 is that Gyro Gearloose is in it. I mean I THINK he was in the Bonus Level in the original game but I'm not completely sure. Webby is also here but no one ever gave a shit about her. I forget if Gizmoduck and Bubba make cameos or not, but it's still nice to see Gyro because I like that big old bird bastard. Gyro will also make cool stuff for you that will help you during the game. See he's more worthwhile then that dumb ass Bubba. Man, those later episodes of Duck Tales were just weird.

Honestly, I'm just going to say this, If you like Duck Tales as much as I do which is a damn lot, you should really invest in a copy of this game. Sadly thanks to NintendoAge assholes and eBay pricks this game costs a whole hell of a lot of money now. Thanks a lot, dickheads.

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