Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kid Niki: Radical Ninja (1988)

I remember this game from way back in the old NES scene days, mentions of it would come up A LOT. Like most people would make threads on the forums about it, and it would usually end up in a heated debate. I remember people not liking this game and I remember people who were like me and enjoyed the game. I'm still glad I didn't listen to the naysayers (which is an important note I must say, if a game I trash looks good, still give it a shot anyway. I mean shit most games are still pretty cheap and theres always emulators, it's really worth your time to try any game to see what it's like despite what anyone says.) and bought this game for like $5 at Microplay, and I've had this game for a long ass time too. This games been with me for at least a friggin decade. God damn I'm getting nostalgic about the early 2000s.

Kid Niki is like a platformer game. Like every other single game I talk about. T he NES had a lot of platformers, and it's lucky I'm a fan of that type of game, and that I really like them, STILL talking about the same type of game and just always posting postive reviews can be kinda tedious. I kinda miss yelling and cursing at games. Still Kid Niki is a good game and it's worth playing it. The graphics are pretty good, the challenge is fair (one of the big reasons I remember people back then not liking this game because it was too hard, I feel the challenge is very fair. It's not too hard but it will take you some time to beat the game, you'll have to spend some time with it.) The music is damn good and I have to say this too, the people who made this game were on drugs. A lot of drugs. Seriously this is a very weird NES game. Weird enemies. Weird bosses. Weird level design, I think the weirdness of it all really helps sell the game.


Kid Niki is an all around good game and if you are a fan of strange shit I think you should pick up a copy of this game. Also there were two famicom only sequels that I also enjoyed very much, AND I found out thanks to wikipedia that Kid Niki has a cameo in Kickle Cubicle (another IREM game... a damn good one too) if you hold A on Controller 2 and then turn on the game and keep holding A until the game starts and pow out pops   ol' Kid Niki. Also before I go the box art for this game is fucking terrible, but remember the old saying not to judge a book by it's cover. Kid Niki has one terrible cover but is a damn fine little game.


  1. Yeah, I like this game a lot. I didn't know about the appearance on Cubicle though! Coolio, I'll have to check that out.

  2. Did it work out. I'm just asking because it was mentioned on Wikipedia and I would like to know if its true or just some shit some asshole put there.

  3. Yup! Just tested it out on Nestopia. You do what you said, and when the main character is walking in from the right on the title screen, Kid Niki is walking in from the left. He's wearing green. Purdy nifty!