Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Evil (1980)

Well, it's December again! You know what that means! Christmas! and you know shitty blogs like mine will spend most of their time talking about obscure Christmas related things AND well you'd be right. Yep, I have a whole slew of horror movies that take place during Christmas AND New Years and don't act like your surprised they made a horror movie around those holidays because they made horror movies based around every god damn Holiday you could think of, EVER. I'm sure theres some horror movie based around Arbor Day out there.


Our first movie is a very special film intitled Christmas Evil.  Very special indeed because for years I would call this the worst motion picture I had ever seen. I can even remember the first time I saw it, when I was like fifteen years old, expecting a movie the cover promised, but I did not get that movie, instead I got this very dull motion picture and I would have kept calling this the worst movie I had ever seen until I got this great idea to make this terrible, terrible blog where I talk about pointless shit like old NES games and movies like Christmas Evil. In other words, things 98% of the world has never given a shit about and never will. 


But yes, I decided to re-watch the movie for two reasons. I felt giving the review based on vauge memories of the film wasn't fair, and I wanted to see if the movie was as bad as I remembered. Well, it isn't. I've definetly seen worse motion pictures than this in the last ten years. Hell, I actually enjoyed worse motion pictures than this in the last ten years. I still don't get the weird cult behind this movie but I don't really hate this movie anymore and to be fair it's still not a very good or enjoyable movie in my opinion.

The big reason I and many other people don't really like this movie is because it's simply not very interesting. I don't really like calling movies boring because people will think I need my movies to be fast paced and all that shit. I really don't. It's just that the plot of this guy who really likes Christmas and goes crazy just isn't that good when told seriously. That's the big reason this movie blows is that they try to take the whole guy dressed up as Santa seriously. Like fucking hell that's an idea that will never ever ever be taken seriously by anyone so you might as well sleaze up the entire movie with crazy antics like in Silent Night Deadly Night.


To be fair to Christmas Evil though, the main actor is pretty decent and the movie has some fun scenes, and I like the fact he actually does some Santa like things (like climbing down the chimney) it's all just taken way too seriously for me and a movie like this really shouldn't be taken seriously. Not for a goddamn moment. Still it was the first feature length movie where a guy dresses up as Santa Claus and kills people (the first time was in Tales From the Crypt and was only a 20 minute segment) still being the first doesn't mean you were the best. Not in the slightest.

(Note: This movie is also known as You Better Watch Out & Terror in Toyland)

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