Wednesday, December 1, 2010

RoboCop 2 (1990)

I think it's interesting on how I'm reviewing this game only a few days after the man who directed the movie RoboCop 2 died at the age of 87. And I didn't know he also directed The Empire Strikes Back and that unofficial James Bond movie, but despite not being as good as the original film I enjoyed Robo Cop 2. Sure it's cheesy and silly as hell but it was at least an enjoyable motion picture just because of how strange and weird it was. And even if you didn't like Robo Cop 2 it was still a whole hell of a lot better than the game based on it. Plus the Robo Cop 2 robot at the end of the movie was fucking awesome.


Well, I think anyone who wants me to trash licensed games will be happy with this review, because I do not like this game in the slightest. I'm not going to lie, there are things about this game are pretty good. The graphics are actually pretty nice and smooth and textured even if Robo Cop himself looks really fucking goofy. The music is decent but not really memorable, I don't it will ever be on a top ten list of peoples favorite games. What totally ruins this entire game and makes it a pointless waste of time (a pointless waste of time that I finished. Yes, I like wasting my precious God given time on this earth playing bad NES games, but to be fair I would have easily wasted that time away even if I didn't play NES games.)  is the play control. Robocop's jump is really goddamn awkward. The character seems to slip all over the place which causes me to have an aneurysm.  I have no idea how I beat this game with controls this incredibly bad.


RoboCop 2 is what people think when they think of licensed games. Very bad games that were thrown together at the last minute (I'm sure this game was put together ten days before it was supposed to be released) The entire game is a ugly waste of time and plastic, and I'd rather watch Robo Cop 3 than play this game ever again. Also fuck that goddamn stupid shooting scene after you lose the first level because you didn't collect enough Nuke. So goddamn annoying. Fuck this game. Hard.

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