Friday, December 3, 2010

Shadow of the Ninja (1990)

I think it's a shame that Natsume just pumps out Harvest Moon games which I don't enjoy as much as everyone else ever seems to do. (Not to say anything bad about those games, they are decent fun, but I don't think they are so goddamn insanely amazing, and definetly not worth the money the older games go for on eBay.) because their non-Harvest Moon games were and still are fucking amazing. It's a shame that of the four games they made for the NES, only Abadox has gotten a bit of popularity, nothing against Abadox because thats an awesome game too, BUT each one of their games on the NES needed to be as popular as Abadox, as they are all fucking excellent games.

I have no idea what this games plot is but I don't really give a flying fuck anyway. They (this game has TWO ninjas, a male and a female!) just have to stop some big asshole from taking over the earth or some shit. I've said it before and I'll probably say it again, every plot on the NES sucked. I might give a good plot related points to like 6 NES games out of like almost 800 but the plot for this game is not important. Do you really care about the plot for a sidescroller? Fuck NO. You just wanna tear shit up, and that's what you get to do in this game, tear the SHIT out of as many weird enemies as humanly possible. The graphics for the time are AMAZING, very bright and vibrant. The sound is also incredibly memorable. The challenge is just right, this won't be a game you'll be in a day or two, no, unless you are like A fucking GOD at NES games, it will take you a few days to beat it. Maybe even a week, the five lives you get go by FAST. (they call the lives continues in this game so you continue from the level you died at even if you died at the boss, I'm sure that makes some youtube reviewing crybabies very happy.) I really don't have anything bad to say about this game. It's fucking great.                                                                                    


If you like sidescrollers or Ninjas YOU NEED TO OWN THIS GAME. This is an excellent game, upthere with the Ninja Gaiden and TMNT games (In fact I'd even rate this game higher than the third Ninja Gaiden game!) Everything about it works. Seriously, if you were like a lot of people, disapointed by Ninja Gaiden III (which I wasn't, it has flaws, but I feel it's still a good game) Shadow of the Ninja may be a very good replacement for Ninja Gaiden III, pretend this is the third part instead, you can just pretend Irene became a Ninja or some shit. I don't know. Just get this game.

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