Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Q*Bert (1989)


To be honest I wanted to not do a review of this game mostly because I didn't want to review two arcade games back to back, but then I realized that the other Q games I have are Qix (which I'm sure was in the arcades, don't ask me. Arcades were before my time!) and Quattro Sports. You see I don't own any other Q games. That and their weren't too many to talk about, so I guess you get two arcade games in a row. I don't think I need to explain what Q*Bert is, as it was a very popular Arcade game. It was even made fun of in the Simpsons. Or was that Family Guy. Or maybe both. I can never remember. Also I think you can tell I'm pushing the length of this review up, of course I know the fucking difference between the Simpsons and Family Guy. Oh well, let's get this abortion over with.


I should also say this right now, I don't really like Q*bert or at least this version of it. The NES version of Q*Bert has pretty good graphics and sound, but the goddamn controls are very annoying. They are just incredibly bothersome to me and I find it incredibly hard to move the character around without dying. I have no idea if the arcade version did it better or what but I honestly do not really like this game. I do declare this to be the worst of the arcade to NES games


Yeah, I kinda wish I had Quattro Arcade or Quattro Adventure so that you could at least get a good review more than two paragraphs long but you'll take this review and you'll like it you fuck.

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