Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Silent Night Deadly Night (1984)

Now this is the Killer Santa Claus movie everyone knows about, okay I doubt every single person on the planet knows about Silent Night Deadly Night, but it's got an incredibly large cult following on the internets and to be fair, I doubt this review will be as long as my one for Christmas Evil, because funnier people have done reviews of this movie already. Pretty much everyone with some blogs / sites related to B-movies has already talked about this movie. Only reason I'm really adding this review to the pile of other reviews that people have done about this movie is because I plan to talk about the sequels too and it would look weird if I didn't talk about the original (and to be absoluetly fair the best) movie in the series.


Also before I get into the movie I would like to say a hearty fuck you to every person who protested this movie when it came out. Fuck you Mickey Rooney. Fuck you mothers who got mad over it. Fuck you Siskel and Ebert. Fuck you Leonard Maltin. Seriously, if you don't want your kids to see this movie DON'T FUCKING LET THEM. Don't get in the people who want to see its faces and try to stop people from having a good time. Seriously, go fuck yourselves.  Okay, with that little rant ouf ot the way (hey it's something everyone has to talk about when the review this movie, how moronic and stupid the people who protested it were. Not saying they didn't have the right too, but I do think they are shitbags for doing it. And seriously watch the youtube video of Siskel and Ebert review this movie, goddamn are they snobby pricks although it is fun to watch them argue at times.)


Now for the movie, which I honestly have to say is incredibly enjoyable. The best part of this movie in my mind would have to be the characters, they are all so incredibly entertaining. My favorites would have to be Billy's boss, Mother Superior (she's really fun to hate) and Billy's Grandpa. I don't think theres a person alive who could hate William Hare. Dude was fucking nuts in this movie, you could tell he actually scared the shit out of the kid who he was acting with, he was that out of his mind talking about how evil Santa Claus was. There are so many incredibly enjoyable scenes in this movie, like when Billy as a kid punches the Santa Claus who comes to the orphange in the nose breaking it. Holy shit that HAS to be one of the greatest scenes in film history. Also the plot is better than you'd expect for a slasher movie, which is Billy as a 5 year old sees a man dressed up as Santa Claus kill his parents which causes him to go fucking bonkers later on in life. Not an oscar winning plot but it does the job (and seriously fuck anyone who says THIS MOVIE HAS NO PLOT! about any movie. I hate to break it to you sweetie, but every single movie ever made no matter how stupid has a goddamn plot. The plots may not be good, but it's fucking there) and this movie has Linnea Quigley which always a damn good thing. Seriously I love that woman, every movie I've seen her in was a goddamn riot, if I see her name in a movie I know I'm gonna have a good time.

Anyway, Silent Night Deadly Night is a great Christmastime horror movie. A incredibly fun little movie with admittly better acting than you'd expect, not great but you could tell most of the actors were having fun in their roles which in the end is a damn good thing if you ask me. I also think I read somewhere that the man who played Billy is incredibly rich because he's on the board of directors of this company, so I doubt he even cares what anyone says about this movie as he has more money than any of us ever will.

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