Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 (1987)

This seems to be the internet's favorite B-movie, but I am not the biggest fan of it, for one reason which we will get to in a minute. Today we are talking about Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 from 1987. It's a very cheaply produced movie and It's not very good but I'll save you the trouble of reading the rest of the review and say that yes, it still is worth watching. I don't put it on my favorite bad movies list like the rest of the internet seems to but I do think it's worth a watch mostly because of Eric Freeman, who we will get to in a bit also!

The biggest flaw this movie has is that the first forty mintues are composed of flashback scenes from the original movie. No joke, I know the producers told the people who made this movie (and they recieved very little money for too!) to re-edit the original movie but the director was having none of that. Still despite the budgetary reasons for the flash back footage it's not a terrible thing to say that I wish they'd have put in you know more NEW footage. I had already seen the previous movie a week ago, and I'd seen that movie a lot too, so I skipped pretty much 40 minutes of a movie. You shouldn't be able to say that damnit! I don't like skipping through movies.

And what's even sadder is that the new footage is actually pretty enjoyable and I wish they had more of it. It's enjoyable for one reason though, Eric Freeman. Eric is my choice for the worst actor of all time. I'm not joking here. He is really really really terrible, but my god he is so fucking funny even though any human being could probably act better than he could, they certainly couldn't be as entertaining as Eric. I'm sad that Eric didn't continue with this series or do any other movies because man oh man the guy is a fucking hoot. The movie would have been a rather bland slasher film with flashbacks to a entertaining slasher film if it wasn't for Eric. You saved this movie, Eric and I hope you are having a good life out there wherever you are.

Also the movie seems to forget it's a holiday slasher film.  Ricky never gets into the SANTA CLAUS suit until like 20 or so minutes of the movie is left, but who really cares about that anyway, Eric is so goddamn fun to watch.  Also for fans of the original movie, Mother Superior finally gets it in this one, but honestly, the actress who does her really wasn't trying and the actress in the original movie MADE that character. Seriously,  Mother Superior in the original movie was fun to hate, but not really so much in the sequel, I guess they couldn't afford her for this movie. Anyway here's an interesting tidbit, the actress from the sequel supposedly died in a home invasion shortly after this movie was finished filming! that kinda sucks! a lot! she wasn't a very good actress but that's no reason to wish her dead!

I'm kinda sick of talking about this movie now, so I guess that means I'm gonna clue up. Everything about this movie kinda sucks and if it wasnt for Eric Freeman I would have probably stopped watching it halfway through. I love you Eric. I seriously hope you are happy with whatever you're doing out there!

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