Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vindicators (1988)

I think that Tengen was probably the best unlicensed developer for the NES. Okay sure that's rather faint praise as every other company released rather shitty games and were MAYBE decent enough to churn out one good game, however Tengen made a good amount of great or at least very good games. There "Sega" Ports of Fantasy Zone and Alien Syndrome were pretty good, the games had a few flaws but were overall very good. The arcade ports they made were pretty damn good too, Pac Man, Pac Mania, and all were very good games worth owning. And the carts were cool looking.


Today's game is Vindicators (originally it was supposed to be Volleyball but I said FUCK IT as I didn't want to write about another sports title / black box game. Volleyball for the NES sucks. There, thats my review.) and Vindicators isn't a very good game (but it makes for a more interesting review than Volleyball) Vindicators was made in 1988, for the NES and the arcade, both versions made by Tengen. I've never played the arcade version but I have played the NES version and it's not exactly a bad game but It's not very good either. It's tolerable and would have been better if it wasn't for one thing. The biggest reason this game sucks is because of the controls. It's hard to explain but the controls are very annoying and you'll end up dying because of them many many times.


Another thing is that this entire game feels slow. I dunno what it is but this game feels sluggish and all. The tank goes about 3 seconds per hour and all the other tanks and stuff attacking you goes way faster (not too fast but still faster) maybe there is a way to make the tank go faster by buying things to improve your tank with stars you pick up in the level. I must say that is a very neat idea and makes me sad that the game's controls aren't very good because I want to make a badass tank and fuck shit up but I'm never able to get past the 3rd level because the controls.

Vindicators is still a game that goes for like $2 at Flea Markets I'm pretty sure. It's not a hard game to find and it's inexpensive so I'd still say give it a shot, but I say that about any game, even the ones I don't like. You never know what games you'll enjoy and with that said this rather terrible review is over.

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  1. My first introduction to this game was through one of those Tiger LCD handheld games. I didn't play the NES version until years later. I like it, but I can't really get anywhere on it! I guess I like what the game is supposed to be, but the execution of it is kinda flawed. Or maybe I just suck.